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The Slider Chronicles
The Slider Chronicles
Posted on: November 29th, 2015 by Kam

My Asuran Mesmer

Getting specializations in Guild Wars 2 is currently “get enough points and click next”.
This is boring.
So I decided to spice it a bit up for myself! And make a nice tie-in to the under construction Scéalverse (on that note, Conference Case being re-written, again).

The Mesmer’s elite spec is the Chronomancer, who I talked about a little before.
One does not simply become a master of time! Well, okay, you do but.. I want it to be a journey.
Now my mesmer hasn’t started the Personal Story yet (Not counting tutorial). So effectively she’s 3+ years in the past.
Every zone also has its own place in the timeline, like Frostgorge taking place after the Pact is already formed.
Cue in the Twisted Watchwork Portal Device! This item teleports you to a random place in Tyria.
But what does this mean for my little mesmer? Time Travel!

My idea of spicing up getting the Chronomancer spec unlocked is to use these Twisted Portals to get around Tyria, doing events and hero challenges in the area on a time limit before sliding to the next area! My own knock-off Sliders story! HaHaHa!!
During this journey through time, she’ll slowly unlock the Chronomancer spec and eventually master it (and find her way back to her own time in Rata Sum).

Now for the other fun part, I’ll write short in-character stories of the journey!
Will have to rework the Scéal site a bit, but that’s no biggie.
Stay tuned.

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