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  • Angel Beats! E09 Summary

    Angel Beats! E09 Summary

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    Posted on: June 22, 2010 by Kam

    After the events of episode 8, Kanade now lies in a coma back in the infirmary.
    Otonashi and Yuri are going over with what happened back at Guild..

    Back at the SSS HQ, they are wondering what will happen to Kanade when she wakes up.
    Shiina brings up an important point of “who” she will be when she wakes up.
    Kanade did absorb all those clones..
    The entire SSS reacts in shock as Shiina speaks. It must be quite serious!
    Is Kanade fighting against the clones in her head for ownership of the body?
    Yuri states that the chances of her waking up as her old self is about 1%.
    She had sent Takeyama and someone who could translate the manual to Kanade’s room to look into Angel Player, while TK and 5-Dan are guarding the infirmary.
    Apparently, TK’s not great at translating English.

    Naoi mentions that sealing her abilities through the PC is just a temporary solution.
    Their defenses will be broken through eventually when she regains her pc.
    Destroying it is not an option either along with the software.
    There are plenty of replacements in the school.
    Yui detects that everyone is acting quite smart today..

    Meanwhile, Otonashi has fallen asleep at Kanade’s bed.
    His dream going back to his past life, he had survived the train crash..

    [Day 1]

    Otonashi wakes up at the crash site, noticing he missed his entrance exam.
    He stands up to notice that he’s in a carriage full with dead and/or wounded people.
    A guy slips in from another carriage, who’s head is bleeding a bit.
    Otonashi tends to him and both step out of the cart.
    The tunnel had collapsed right on the train they were in.
    Making contact with the outside is impossible with their cellphones.
    The guy introduces himself as Igarashi and he decides to help Otonashi attend the wounded.

    After they bring all the survivors outside the train into the tunnel, Otonashi tells Igarashi he’ll walk to the other direction to see if there’s a way out.
    As luck turns against him, the tunnel has collapsed there as well..
    Otonashi suddenly feels great pain in his stomach. As he checks on himself, he notices he has internal bleeding.
    He returns to the others and takes charge. They’ll have to work together to get out of there safely.

    [Day 2]

    Igarashi is giving everyone water while telling them to contact Otonashi if they feel sick or need anything.
    Their supplies are low with only 5-6 bottles of water, a bottle of tea and some packed lunches and candy.

    A student suddenly runs off with a bag filled with bottles of water, clearly trying to steal them for himself.
    Two others run after him with Otonashi and Igarashi quickly following.
    The guys tackle him and one of the bottles spills all over the floor.
    Igarashi stops the guys from fighting while otonashi confronts the student, saying they’ll survive this.
    Others are screaming that he wasted a bottle of water, which Otonashi replies with that that was his share.
    Igarashi tells him he’ll share some of his with him.

    [Day 3]

    Everyones exhausted.
    An old man Otonashi attended to yesterday is foaming from his mouth.
    Otonashi tries to save him with heart massages and mouth to mouth, but he’s already lost.
    He couldn’t do anything.

    [Day 7]

    Everyones starving in the tunnel.
    Otonashi and Igarashi are on the ground, staring around blankly.
    Otonashi remembers he can still help somehow, with donating his organs.
    He pulls out his donor card and asks Igarashi for a pen.
    Somehow, it has motivated everyone to do the same.
    Igarashi tells Otonashi how great he is as suddenly rescue workers have dug through the tunnel to save them.
    But it’s already too late for Otonashi..

    Otonashi wakes up with Kanade petting his head.
    He immediately asks her if everything is alright.
    She comments it was a formidable fight, but she was victorious.
    It’s a miracle Kanade woke up and not one of the clones.

    Otonashi decides to tell her of his past. About the train accident and how he wanted to become a doctor.
    He believes he managed to save someone with his body.
    Kanade strokes his cheek, saying she’s sure that person will thank him for the rest of their life.
    Otonashi has no more regrets.. No, he still has those guys.
    He believes living a new life wouldn’t be so bad and wants to share that with the other members.
    He then realizes this was wat Kanade was trying to do since the beginning.
    With the lack of communication between the SSS and Kanade since before Otonashi showed up, they’ve been going around in circles!
    Kanade explains people only come here when they weren’t able to have a happy youth.

    Well, to round things up..
    Otonashi and Kanade team up to get everyone to graduate from this after life. To move on.
    Kanade’s status as Student Council President is returned, with Naoi as the Vice-prez.
    The ones responsible for her demotion.. Have to write letters of apology or something.
    Wondering who the heck sold them out.

    Otonashi’s plan is for Kanade to act as the “villain” one more time, so that Yuri is distracted as he tries to find out everyone’s pasts.
    He’s sorry that she has to be alone again. But when it’s all over.. After that.. What’ll happen to them?

    Episode 10-12 later.

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