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  • Angel Beats! E08 Summary

    Angel Beats! E08 Summary

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    Posted on: June 21, 2010 by Kam

    Wooh, next week the series will end..
    Sorry about not updating this month.
    Some serious personal things have happened.
    I’ll slip some of the details in a later post after the next few summaries.

    So let’s start off with Episode 8.

    Last time, another Kanade showed up.
    For the sake of simple understanding, I shall refer to my adorable waifu with yellow eyes as Kanade and the red-eyed one as Tenshi. There.

    As Tenshi jumps off the roof and readies Hand Sonic, she starts running to attack Otonashi.
    Yuri pushes him away and engages into combat with her, while Kanade and the rest of the SSS are looking at them.
    Otonashi orders everyone to start shooting at Tenshi, as this one is clearly hostile.
    Kanade then enters the fight and the two stab each other in synchronization.

    The scene shifts to the infirmary.
    Kanade’s in a deep sleep as the SSS discuss what happend last night.
    Last time when they went to check on Kanade’s PC, Yuri discovered a skill called “Harmonics”.
    It basically clones the person using it.
    Otonashi defends Kanade that she would never make such a skill to attack other people with without reason, as this Tenshi is way more aggressive.
    Yuri notices he’s pretty determined in defending her.
    5-Dan thinks that Kanade can erase the clone because she’s the one who made it.
    Maybe waiting for Kanade to wake up and get her to erase Tenshi would work.
    But for now, the SSS will have to behave because Tenshi won’t leave them alone just yet.

    And so, the SSS attend lessons while.. not actually paying attention.
    Some are scribbling, listening to music, playing around with weapons.. The usual SSS stuff.
    Yui’s standing in the hall with bucets of water.

    Meanwhile, Yuri is checking out Kanade’s PC again, looking through the Angel Player software.
    She finds a manual for the program, but it’s thick and all in English. And since the SSS are idiots..
    She tries some things and makes a temporary fix. Putting a 10 second timer on Harmonics before Absorb kicks in.
    Yuri also discovers another skill she hadn’t seen before, “Howling”. Thinking the clone probably made this and if she should delete it.. But that could ruin the entire program and maybe make it worse.

    The SSS gathers again at the infirmary, only to find out that Kanade’s gone!
    The clone most likely took her away, which makes them powerless.

    After gathering some information, they’ve found there to be a good chance that she’s held captive in Guild.
    Yuri promises she’ll keep going even if she has to pee herself, for everyone’s sake!
    The SSS enter the halls of Guild, finding that most of the traps are disabled from last time.
    But then Tenshi appears before them.
    She immediately destroys most of the rifles they’ve been carrying.
    Thinking they can still get her with their handguns and grenades, they continue attacking, only to see Noda falling by another Tenshi!
    The clones can even use Harmonics. This means there’ll be a lot more Tenshi’s in Guild.
    The group escapes through a corrider and close the door shut before the two Tenshi’s can catch them.

    They move on to encounter another Tenshi.
    Yuri readies her gun, but 5-Dan tells her it’s a waste of ammo and charges in with his Judo.
    Tenshi stabs him right through the stomach, but due 5-Dan’s weight she can’t do anything else.
    5-Dan urges the others to move forward while he’s still alive.

    Thanks to him, they now know hwo to deal with the upcoming Tenshi’s.
    They arrive at the hallways which had the lasers last time.
    A fourth clone appears before them.
    TK says it’s his turn and wishes them Chance and Luck. He charges in, jumping on Tenshi and gets stabbed to death.
    Next is Takamatsu, followed by Fujimaki and Shiina.
    Naoi then hypnotizes Ooyama into thinking he’s a clown and should make Tenshi happy.
    He runs towards his deathbed.
    Naoi then follows the next time.

    By this point, they’ve lost count of how many Tenshi’s they’ve encountered.
    HInata says it’s his turn now, trying to act all cool till Yui kicks him right into Tenshi’s blade.
    Otonashi is confused if Yui hates or loves Hinata.

    The three remaining members now arrive at the explosion site of Guild.
    They dash down, only for Yui getting smacked by a metal plate.
    Yuri and Otonashi face the final Tenshi. Yuri takes her on in combat as Otonashi runs forward to find Kanade.
    Tenshi now uses Howling, a high pitch sonic move. But Yuri was prepared for this and had earplugs in her ears.
    Taking this chance, she stabs Tenshi and pushes her against the ground.

    Meanwhile, Otonashi has found Kanade who slowly wakes up.
    He asks her if she can do Harmonics one more time.
    She does so and a new Tenshi appears above them.
    Tenshi notices the program has been altered, but warns Otonashi that all these clones have a consciousness as well and that they won’t simply disappear. They’ll be incorporated into Kanade.
    All the spirits they attacked will return to her with the pain and suffering.
    The 10 seconds go by and Absorb triggers. All the clones dissolve and return to Kanade, making her scream in agony.
    Otonashi hugs her tight as he screams her name.

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