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  • Angel Beats! E04 Summary

    Angel Beats! E04 Summary

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    Posted on: May 3, 2010 by Kam


    Week late, but things have come up.
    Mainly school keeping telling me to redo stuff.
    Ep 5 after this~

    LOOOOOOOOONG summary and wall of images ahead, you have been warned.


    Episode 4 begins with us seeing a baseball player staring at a ball falling into his direction.
    As the screen fades back to SSS HQ, it shifts from a depressed Hinata to an energetic Yui introducing herself to the rest of the SSS.
    Nobody seems to care.

    Yui’s a candidate to replace Iwasawa in the band Girls Dead Monster.
    Takamatsu asks if she knows that GirlDeMo is a rock band and won’t turn it into an idol group of some kind (by the way she dresses).
    Yui claims with full confidence that she really can sing.
    She tells everyone to listen and judge for themselves as she grabs the mic and turns the boxes on.
    “She looks the part at least”

    We’re now greeted with a 1-ep OP replacement.
    A rock version of the song My Soul, Your Beats!
    The scenes with Tenshi playing the piano are now replaced with stills of Yui singing the song as she plays guitar.
    The shots of the SSS members also go into the “lots of black” comic style.

    Try listening both songs at once. Awesome remix.

    After the OP is finished, Yui thanks everyone for listening, but manages to hang herself in excitement.
    The SSS members make silly comments about “death metal” and if killing herself was part of the performance.
    They have come to a consensus to look for someone else to replace Iwasawa, which Yui strongly objects to.
    In the end, Yuri decides that the other band members should decide.
    She then brings up the subject of a baseball match. And they shall participate in it.

    The SSS is supposed to make seperate teams and join the baseball tournament illegally.
    Otonashi tags with Hinata, who claims to be so popular that he can get anyone he wants in his team.
    All the strong and athletic members turn Hinata down, telling him they’ve aready joined a team.
    His last hope is TK.
    Otanashi asks why he’s called TK anyways, which is just how TK calls himself.
    Nobody knows anything else about him besides that. BUT, Hinata trusts him and-
    TK’s there shaking hands with Takamatsu, meaning he joined his team.

    Yui appears before them after a while, in a glorified manner trying to make it look like she’s needed.
    She keeps pushing to enter the team, to Hinata’s dislike. And he’s met with a flying kick to the neck.
    And Hinata retaliates. And so, the violent relationship of Yui and Hinata begins as she joins Team Baka.

    They then proceed to try and recruit Shiina, who’s hiding in the storage room.
    However, Shiina is troubled about how a guy like Otonashi managed to survive the way to Guild, while she got knocked out (by a doll).
    Since then, she has been balancing a broom on her finger to increase her concentration.
    Yui whispers to the rest that she’s an idiot.

    Shiina demands for Otonashi to fight her, since it’s a good chance.
    Hinata manages to convince her that she can demonstrate that she’s better than him during the baseball match.
    Yui happily comments that their idiot count has increased.

    Four people, but they have no choice.. They go and try to ask Noda, who’s training with his halberd at the river.
    Nobody would invite him and Yui calls him an idiot as well.

    As the group approaches him, he thinks Otonashi has finally come to fight with him.
    He gets easily convinced to join the team by throwing the magic word “Yurippe” in there.

    Hinata gets lost in thought a bit after they ran out of SSS members to ask.
    Yui then says she has some friends she can ask. Basically, three girls who are Yui’s groupies.
    They decide to stick with these 8 people then.

    After the commercial break, the other SSS teams are seen winning their matches.

    Hinata’s team is up and they’re doing well. Till Otonashi smacks his ball and Noda runs up, screaming if that’s all he’s got.
    Then it turns into pingpong between Noda his halberd and Otonashi’s baseball bat.
    As they’re ahead and switch places, Otonashi’s the pitcher. Guess who’s behind catching the ball..
    Pingpong v2 go.
    They SSS teams all win their matches, but then a new threat for them arrives.

    The Student Council President, Tenshi, appears along with the Vice-President who have created the Student Council Team (Probably baseball club mixed in), ready to annihilate all the illegal teams.
    All the SSS teams get taken out till Team Baka is all that’s left.

    A hard battle is fought.
    They managed to sneak Matsushita into their team with a food ticket who goes Judo on the baseballs.
    Meanwhile Yurippe is standing in her office doing the typical villain laugh.

    As otonashi analyzes the situation, he notices Hinata spacing out again.
    What is currently happening looks a lot like a game that Hinata played back when he was alive.
    During a very important match, he failed to catch a ball that seemed easy to catch.
    The team blamed him for ruining all their efforts of the last three years.
    His flashback ends with a senpai giving him what looks like to be drugs (Sportsman, all the same..)

    Otonashi is worried that Hinata would disappear if they win this match.
    Hinata denies it.

    Their final ball, is hit.
    It’s falling towards Hinata, exactly the same as back then.
    Otonashi runs towards him, trying to stop him from catching it.
    Then Yui tackles him out of nowhere and fights with Hinata on the field again.
    The ball of course, not being caught.

    Tenshi’s team has won and Hinata hasn’t disappeared.
    Yuri however, wishes Yui and Hinata did (disappear).

    And in the ED, Yui’s added strangling Hinata.


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