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  • A Blast

    A Blast

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    Posted on: January 28, 2009 by Kam

    Well, damn. That was a bunch of fun. Days after I still feel miserable because we returned “back to daily life”. Not good on the stomach..

    Well, let’s report.

    Woke up at 7:00, did the usual morning ceremony and barged outside at 7:45 to catch the tram. Well guess what… Tram’s aren’t there on Sunday morning before 8!!!
    So I was freezing for about 20 mins. Finally caught a tram to the trainstation, we had 2 mins left to get on the train.
    Quickly called my friend, funny enough he arrived right at that time. Got our tickets, rushed upstairs and (thankfully) the train was delayed with 5 mins.
    So we actually managed to get on the train!!

    We had to hop stations after ’bout 40 mins. Rushed to catch the other train, where we were welcomed by my mascot-partner Kenneth and his merry gang (Among them was one cosplaying as Goku!). Also saw some other familiar faces from the Games class of our school.

    Next stop our last member joined the group. She was cosplaying as Suigintou (Rozen Maiden) and looked fantastic. Much better than some I’ve seen on Google ;D
    After the shock of “I’m the Kam-man”, the rest of the train filled up with cosplayers. Was quite a sight! XD
    Finally we arrived at the con. Had to walk a few minutes to get to the building and stand in line. In the cold. Here we saw the Tsunacon forum’s joker, The Joker (Handing out cookies) =P
    Also some cool Hellsings cosplays and various other ones. Awesome.

    Well, since we already got our tickets on the Donner Night (4th place with our Mascot, kids!!) we could wait inside the building for the con to open. Well, there was some Christian stuff going on in the next room, so we were welcomed by the Sunday church too o_o

    Either way, it was picture time (And yes, thats a hamster on my shoulder):

    We could finally enter the convention now and were greeted by the dealers. Shortly thereafter bought the awesome stuff (Good to be one of the first, eh? ;D) like a Yuki (Witch) Figma. But a list of purchases will come later in an “Anime-Envoy Corner~!” session.

    Our Gin-sama cosplayer was asked for a photoshoot every now and then (I did warn everyone..) and our Goku ended up in an epic battle vs. Link. It’s what cons are all about, of course!

    We missed the first half of the Cosplay Competition, but managed to see a few. Without a surprise, The Joker won (He acts exactly as he does on the forums. Hilarious XD) and some of us went on the picture with him. You know what, I’ll throw on a gallery later. With or without mosaic-filters. Permissions and all that~

    There was also DDR, Karaoke. Heard there was also some police sniffing around due an escaped handicapped kid (wtf? O_o). You’d think it would be because of the giant BANKAI!!! weapons and all that. But no, just a crazy kid.

    Between the stuff, we also caught a few anime episodes. Especially near the end where we waited for the AMV competition to start..

    And here’s the AMV I made, which won first place!

    (and a youtube link: http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=CTPSkbKWhP8)

    Friend from the Games-class managed to score 2nd place with a great AIR (Kanna scenes) AMV.

    As for bad points, there was some odd stuff with luggage (When you left the room, you couldn’t enter without depositing them.. So we threw everything in a friends car =P), compo’s weren’t announced and there wasn’t a lot of variety among the dealers (Bit too much Naruto/Bleach for my tastes). The sound from karaoke and DDR also overlapped in the back. But it was a great day nonetheless which will stick in my head for many years to come. Surely we’ll be going again next year!


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