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  • An Avenger's Alice Battle Around the Campfire

    An Avenger’s Alice Battle Around the Campfire

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    Posted on: February 27, 2008 by Kam

    And that title is what you get when mixing three different things..

    First things first, two new Requiem comics are up. 86 and 87. More after the weekend I’d guess. Will Tsuki’s premonition come true!?


    So I watched Avenger this week, all eps of it, and I don’t know.. I got mixed feelings after watching it. I had to google around to understand what actually just happened (Figure, not a single site explained it). Though all did say “mixed feelings” as well.
    It’s one of those anime’s that tear up your mind so you’re left off wondering: Now what?
    It’s kinda Claymore-ish (Or the other way around. This is from 2003, kids) with a doll/kid and a woman travelling the wastelands of friggin’ MARS. Oh, also a comic relief dollmaker stalking them. Either way, the main character, Layla, can be more emotionless than Rei Ayanami. Heck, she only says like 4 words every episode! It’s rare for more to come out. Either way, she only wants to kill the current ruler of Mars.
    The last episode just leaves you with a blank stare. Just watch the series and you’ll understand. If someone here has seen the series and actually GETS it please tell me. It’s weird, since I understand Evangelion and Elfen Lied perfectly :S

    Last subject of today, some Rozen Maiden games.
    From above with Avenger, I actually just started to watch it after hearing that a song of it (From Ali project. They’re awesome) was in one of these games.

    Start off with Rozen Mugen 2. Ofcourse, made with the Mugen engine.
    Me being a Suigintou fan made me play solely with her. It’s a fun little game, though Kanaria’s a bit overpowered in my opinion. All those tornado’s of her are a pain. 2D fighting game like Melty Blood, fun. Can easily be put on USB as well. It’s about 150mb I think.

    Rozen Maiden: ALiBAT – Record of Rozen War.
    This is a 2.5D (I think? There’s only 1 camera viewpoint but the rest is 3D) fighting game.
    It uses a dollcase system where the cases contain the attacks you can do for a limited amount.
    So basically, you can’t attack until you fetch one of the cases.
    Me playing as Suigintou again, could grab a wide variety of attacks.
    These included:
    A 3x sword attack
    Shooting about 30 feathers
    5 homing-missile-cones(?)
    3 waveblasts
    2 Lasers (I WTF’d at this. Gin-sama with Eye lasers!?)
    And.. Think that’s about it. Will play some more later.

    The game has the modes from Easy to Hell. You have to unlock Hell through beating Nightmare mode. Beating Hard mode unlocks a secret character where you’ll die laughing from. It’s Shinku’s favorite.

    Controls are fully customizable and so, I made it work with my gamepad. Makes things a LOT easier. I can dodge attacks and dash around like a schoolgirl who’s running for her life! (Cowardly? No, this is tactic! And if you don’t run or dodge, you’re dead in seconds on Hell mode). Can’t seem to find a good program to record the Replay matches, or else I’d upload a few of them.
    You can always youtube video’s of other people. Great game, just too bad the Online Play doesn’t work outside Asia.

    Now to enjoy the rest of my vacation ・ω・

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