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  • Into the Timemachine!

    Into the Timemachine!

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    Posted on: February 19, 2008 by Kam

    Ah.. Even though we ain’t even at 100 comics yet, I kinda have this story stuck in my head so I’ll post it now anyways (I also renamed this thing to “Articles”. Makes more sense with my random blabbering about things).

    *cough* *ahum*

    Now, people might remember this.. From WAAAYYYY Back:

    No, your eyes are not deceiving you, not-so-oldschool readers!
    Requiem for Sanity was originally with a cast of 4 Main Characters! And two of them weren’t even created in-game yet. Funny, that I made Raldy & Dansk months overdue :P

    Now, Requiem for Sanity’s planning started shortly after the Guild Wars Factions Beta. I was kinda obsessed with my beta-Assassin at the time (Who is now the well-known Tsukimiya Sora). On Januray 23 2006, the first official preview of Requiem was showed in Webcomic “Anivoy” Issue #089. Later on two comics, kinda rantish.. But let’s forget those.
    The first official comic of the Requiem comic started on February 1st 2006. Then real-life kicked in for a few months. Stupid.
    As of official release, drastic changed were made. The introduction of Child-Gwen, Karuro, Mai, Tabris.. All characters who originally weren’t in the first concept sketches.

    At first, Requiem would followed Tsuki and Saya (Yes, Saya accompanied her in the concept) in their travels through Tyria. While Dansk and Raldy tagging along during the Great Northern Wall. At that time, the idea was more “let’s turn GW into a comic for fun”. But now it’s “A GW Webcomic with an Anivoy touch!” Aside with the main storyline, my own self-made one was added. Tying huge links with an abandoned fan-fiction of mine (Before my webcomic days). Karuro, Aya and Tabris are a few from that Fan-Fic.

    As the story progressed, more supporting characters would be needed. Raldy turned from a mighty Healer-Monk (concept) into a perverted guy in his 20’s (reality). Of course, he needed a counter-character, where as Mai was added into the story (Who was originally my Pre-Sear character till I needed to free a character slot for the Day of the Tengu event). Gwen turned into a comic-relief after rewatching the Beta-Ending video’s and with Haitani’s suggestion, got her own (inactive) weblog! (Hey, you can still give her hugs on it).

    Now with Nightfall and Eye of the North added, and GW2 in two years time.. The goal of this comic lies so far away: Finishing it before GW2 release. I doubt I can even achieve that goal, but it’d be nice if I got close enough. It’s still a long way ahead and now that I have to story planned out in text-format, there aren’t a lot of problems when drawing the comics (Unless Flash decides to corrupt the file like the last three times. Damn them).

    Now for some (not-stupid) questions to be answered, which I get occasionally:
    “Why aren’t there any Dervish or Paragons in Requiem?”
    – Nightfall wasn’t released at that time when the comic started. But do not worry, I heard a senile old Dervish might make an appearance in the Prophecies storyline ;)

    “Why are there huge breaks of no comics at times?”
    – Since I’m a student, I don’t have a lot of free time. Especially when it’s the route of Animation! We have to make a lot of short animation clips at times, just for understandings sake, and these take time to make. When I ain’t trashed with work, I can finally draw a comic. This also explains why they often come in bulk (3 – 5 comics in 1 update). Since I’ll be knowing I won’t have a lot of time later on.

    “There seems to be a lack of Guilds in the comic.. Why is that?”
    – I have done this on purpose. Only NPC Guilds remain intact in Requiem. It’s just as I played the game, there wasn’t a lot of links to Guilds in the story hanging around. Just power struggles for Kryta between Mantle and Blade, territory between Am Fah and Jade, and a crazy alliance battle between hippies and goth’s. No wait, Luxons and Kurzicks. My bad.
    Anyway, since human-made guilds don’t have any impact on the storyline, I left them out. Especially since most guilds disbanded after the guild wars, when the Charr invaded Ascalon, Kryta and Orr.

    “Of all the current characters, who is your favorite?”
    – Even though Raldy’s little retarded mind makes me giggle everytime I draw him seriously on paper (How serious can that be?), my favorite would still be Tsuki. As she’s the essence of the comic and the world of Tyria spins around her as she and her group venture onwards. Tycho (Old co-worker on “Anivoy”) keeps thinking it’s Karuro, as I always made him overpowered in the old fan-fics XD Well, his character is older than any of the current crew, so maybe..
    Tsuki + Karuro then? ;D

    “Nightfall.. EotN.. WHERE ARE THEIR REFERENCES!?”
    – That’s in the future. We’re still at the cursed year of 1072 AE. So none of those two campaigns have even started yet.

    “Why do you keep adding -chan and stuff?”
    – Saya’s Canthan (Asian inspired!!) and she loves Tsuki. Hence, Tsuki-chan. As for Aya, I have no explanation for that… Maybe I was watching Shuffle or something when I drew those comics..

    Goddamn, that must’ve been the longest post I ever made!
    Oh well, comic coming up after this madness called “last school period till some vacation” :)

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