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Requiem 2 years? No wai!
Requiem 2 years? No wai!
Posted on: February 2nd, 2008 by Kam

So it’s already been 2 years huh.. Damn. Actually, yesterday it was 2 years but it was a long day. Trust me on that one.

Now to celebrate, 3 comics! yes, THREE!
Another three coming up later this week (maybe), but I’m trying my best to actually get a reasonable number of comics in to make up for the.. Months of no comics. So, yes.

Anivoy looks kinda forsaken here though. Don’t worry, we’ll CPR it someday!
It does mean Julie was right about there being “no next year” for more celebrations. Maybe it’s the lack of female influence in this comic. Who knows.

Now back to squishing some Jade Brotherhood. They’re annoying.

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