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Gurando sponsor, Tokyo day oh Christmas


Posted on: November 12th, 2007 by Kam

Two comics in two day’s… Odd times indeed.
Seems I do have free time during weekends. If the workload isn’t too bad.
I have no idea how this sudden burst started. Maybe it has something to do with Asian Kung-Fu Generation making me imagine cool scenes in my head again. They’re awesome.
Ah… How I wish my idea’s could be turned into anime in a second. That’d be so awesome. And actually anime-ish, not chibi like they’re all now XD
Did I mention how awesome AKFG is?

I do predict more comic’s this week. Mainly because I want to finish D’Alessio Seaboard + Dansk & Oink vs. Verata & Minions.
Epic awesomeness, this post contains.

This Chair.

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