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It's been a while..
It’s been a while..
Posted on: November 3rd, 2007 by Kam

But I finally finished the Requiem Profile Screen.
Includes the main cast, supporting characters, villains and armies/guilds.
Also a choice between 2 soundtracks ^^

Will update the thing slowly as the story progresses. Because if I add all future chars now, it’ll spoil some surprises ;)

Sunday I’ll get a comic together, finally a free day.
Monday picking up Zelda Phantom Hourglass or Metroid Hunters.
Depends which one they have in stock.

In Saimoe news: Rika-chama won! Eat that, Nagi and Shinku!

Row Row Fight Da Power!
Gurren Lagann for the DS is out in Japan. Wonder if it’ll make it to the western world. It includes an anime part and everything. It’s been ripped & subbed. Go visit your local torrent site to obtain it (Or search some of those video site’s if you’re cheap).

Kam Over & Out.

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