I am Kam, the owner and everything of this site.
Anime-Envoy is my hobby site, along with Anivoy being my portfolio.
If you follow the posts, you’ll see for yourself what kind of person I am.
Through the years, this site turned into a blog..  as much as I didn’t want to admit it.
You know how people say “I have a blog” in that annoying tone of voice? That’s why I don’t like calling this a blog.
Though it still ended up turning into a blog.. Even went from Cutenews to WordPress!


If you wish to get into contact with me, feel free to leave a comment or contact me at:
kam[@]anivoy[.]com (Remove the [ ]’s!!)

This Site

Anime-Envoy started up after my last site got some major problems. And going after trends wasn’t my thing, so it was a chance to start over clean.

At first this site reviewed Anime (Though they ened up being mainly summaries), did some streaming here and there and even had mp3 up for grabs.
But to avoid any issues, I had to dump the latter two.

The site’s a great place to post about whatever I wish.
Like Webcomic “Anivoy!” and Requiem for Sanity, who became the site’s main attractions when I started those.
But due me being a lazy bastard, those two aren’t updated as much as I want them to be.

Since I started to actively collect figures in the beginning of 2009, the site got more and more figure-related articles.
And so, I turned into “The Collector”.

Thus Layout version v10.3 featured dominantly figures and merchandise in the banner during this period.
Though now with v11, we’re back to mixing anime & figures.

I’ll also have to put in some more effort to push in the latest updates in the Anime field.

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