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  • Winter Season is Coming?

    Winter Season is Coming?

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    Posted on: December 11, 2017 by Kam

    Disclaimer: This was mostly written at the start of november and I forgot to publish it.
    I’ve edited it a little for publishing today, but there might still be inconsistencies.
    Also, spoilers.

    Enter.. Winter season? We there already? Wow. Oh, this was Fall. Well fuck me.
    Per usual, not going to list the sequels I’m watching unless it turned into a trainwreck.

    Blend S

    Maika’s a girl whose eyes go full “kill yourself, insect” mode when she’s nervous, so it gives her a lot of trouble finding work and such.. Until she’s scouted by a cafe owner who thinks she’ll make the perfect Sadist Maid for their themed cafe.
    In there also works the token loli-adult who plays the little sister role, and a gamer/otaku playing the tsundere. Later a bondage doujin writer joins who plays the Big Sister, and looking at the Opening, probably a guy going for the Trap role.. blergh.

    It’s like Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?, Boku x Inu and Working! had a lovechild.
    Well, it’s mainly that Maika looks like Ririchiyo and Kaho is literally a blond Rize-san.
    And it’s in a themed cafe/restaurant.
    It’s fun, ok?

    Edit: Yeah, damn trap ruining my feel good atmosphere.

    Evil or Live

    A guy gets sent to a correctional facility because he’s a Net addict and becomes another guy’s lapdog.

    The setting was like “really?” at first, but then I found out there are actually quite a lot of these camps in China and Korea, using military tactics to reform people so they can return society.
    Lots of violence and torture. Not a great place to be, really.
    So that kinda made me understand the setting better, but it doesn’t help making the MC less cringey.
    And then there was the puking..

    Edit: So it progressed into a revenge setting now with Hibiki, the MC, suddenly being an athlete and wanting revenge against Shin, the guy who offered him the position of dog. Still a pretty meh show.

    Imouto sae Ireba Ii

    So I’ll keep that a surprise for you guys.
    It’s another show about a lightnovel writer (Those are getting popular lately..) and his daily life. He’s also a gigantic little sister fanatic, without having a little sister himself. He has a little brother who -looks- like a girl. Go figure. I bet on reverse-trap.
    He also has a younger girl (also a writer) who was apparently saved by his works. She’s a giant pervert lusting after his dick.
    Just look at this figure.. Look at it!
    But all that aside, it’s a nice show to watch. I kinda liked the game they played in ep 1.

    Edit: It really turned into something nice to watch, though there’s some saavise, saavisu~ inconsistencies.
    Like showing those minutes at the start of Ep 1 in all its wtf glory, while “offscreening” some girl to girl with the actual cast.
    Also, I bet right.

    Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World – The Animated Series

    Oh for the love of.. Japan, stop putting “The Animated Series” and “The Animation” behind all these adaptations!
    You make them all sound slike they’re porn! Well, you’ve largely got the hentai industry to blame for putting that on everything..
    But it doesn’t even make a nice title!

    Rant aside, I heard good things about the original Kino, so I figured I’d go and watch this while it’s airing.
    Kino travels the world with her talking motorcycle, staing in another country *cough* more like city *cough* every episode, where things happen.
    Each “country” having their own different laws and perspectives on the world that she may or may not interfere with.
    It’s an interesting show, I’ll give you that.

    Net-juu no Susume

    30-or-so year old woman quits her job and becomes a NEET, finding new joy in a MMO.
    She plays as a guy character, befriends a girl character, who’s played by a guy. They end up bumping into each other irl, still not knowing who they are. Lots of DOUSHIOing ensues as they start to learn about each other.
    Didn’t like the low NTR vibes from the guy’s coworker, but it ended up all OK. It was a nice watch.

    Ousama Game The Animation

    ..Animation.. Grumble.. Asdfgh
    Nobuaki survived a terrible death game known as the Ousama Game (King’s Game, you know. Pick a stick and the guy with the king on it can give an order to the others. Only now it’s on smartphones.. And the King is the same guy every time).
    And now he’s in for another round with his new class! Yeah, the anime starst with the sequel and shows the first game as flashbacks..

    Figured I’d watch this as my season mystery/thriller/whatever, but boy, does the show really make you dislike the MC’s new classmates!
    The Opening, as Openings like to do especially with shounen anime, already spoils that the nice girl wasn’t such a nice girl after all!
    And so far they were also including a Sex order every episode, so it surprised me a little when episode 4 lacked that. Guess that cheap call for drama isn’t a thing anymore.
    At least he got a new bro to count on in that shitstain of a class.
    Seriously, fuck most of that class.

    Edit: Well, new-bro didn’t last long.

    UQ Holder!: Mahou Sensei Negima! 2

    We basically follow the grandson of Negi Springfield on his magical adventures as an immortal, gathering a harem with little to no effort.

    I read the manga of this and the anime is already changing things, just like Negima did.
    For example, Touta met Shinobu on his way to the city for a character development chapter. Later she’d go to UQ Holder to follow him and stays there.
    In the anime she just works there immediately.
    Then there’s the test Kuroumaru and he had to take. Manga: Find your way out of these caverns, it’ll take years! Also that #2 guy’s been lost there for a while, too.
    Anime: Fight these 2 guys.
    The promo images show a chunk of old Negima characters, who don’t really show up in the manga until the more recent chapters.. Like, 80+ chapters.
    Mizore also already fully appears in the OP, while again, she’s recent arc material.
    All this just worries me they’ll turn this into a rush job.

    Also, they should’ve given Kirie orange hair. This yellow looks bad.
    Her anime design in general (from what I’ve seen so far with OP/promo) looks to be.. not up to the manga.
    But I’m a guy who doesn’t like the To Love-Ru anime designs either. Yabuki > Oka.

    Edit: Oh hell yeah there’s skipping. I even forgot all about uh.. whatshisname.. Santa, the ghost kid. Anime’s skipping his entire arc, the water racing, Kitty, martial arts, training with Eva’s master, etc.. Damn.

    Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru: Washio Sumi no Shou

    TOUGOU-SAN, FUCK YEA- Oh wait, we start the first half with the prequel where she isn’t a BADASS yes.
    So yeah, prequel of Yuuki Yuuna where Tougou’s walking and is called Washio.
    Ep 4 starts the good ol’ magical girl despair time.
    Hearing music from Okabe Keiichi again is also pretty great (He did the music for Nier Automata).



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