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  • I don't even like idols that much

    I don’t even like idols that much

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    Posted on: October 10, 2017 by Kam

    With last season over and having had my fill of Skyrim and Path of Fire, time for another blog post! Lots of spoilers.

    The summer season had some cringe, some laughs and little awesome.
    And for some reason, I ended up watching Love Live…..

    Let’s start with that I was only slightly familiar with Maki, Nico and Riko, and that I had a slight interest in that cheerleader figfix of Maki if it wasn’t for the INSANE PRICE they slapped on her.

    For yet another reason I also started with Sunshine.
    Watching that first and then going back to the original anime, “it’s all the same shit” literally applies.

    Majorly annoying main character (The genki, braindead, encouraging, and for no reason everybody loves her-type), the school is in trouble so let’s become IDORUS! and CGI animation (that’s been plaguing the anime industry) for the performances.

    I can’t remember if I mentioned it before since I’m becoming self-diagnosed senile, but I quit K-On during the.. 2nd season? because Yui just got that annoying for me. I ragequit K-On. What the fuck. Who does that?

    Honoka and Chika are like her. Perhaps not so much in the mentally retarded part, but close. I managed to survive more seasons so far, but god.

    As per title, I’m already not a fan of the idol scene and I think the only reason I started watching this was to have an excuse to buy the figure (Spoiler: Got none). These group idol performances really aren’t my thing and honestly? I liked the songs performed by in-universe 10 year olds (Or around that age I guess) from Tenshi no 3P! a lot more. HOWLING is a great song! Macross Delta also has some nice songs, but when it comes to Love Live and Idolmaster, nothing clicks.

    So I already don’t understand how becoming a school idol will save a school (Huh? People really choose their school based on idol groups? REALLY? Oh god.. Save a seat for me, Professor Farnsworth), I REALLY don’t understand how making Honoka the fucking school president is any better. If anyone, it should’ve been Umi ..
    And as o.k. a character Nico is, hearing Nico Nico Nii~ on repeat brings up some aggressive urges.. There’s also a lot of unnecessary drama.

    Buuut having started with Sunshine first, the only redeeming grace there is our lord and savior chuuni Yoshiko– Yohane, but unfortunately, not being one of the main 3 girls in Love Live fashion, she has a back seat with the other 5 of the 9.
    Of course, Max Factory also made her figma not worth buying, but I got a much bigger rant about that with Bloodborne and Extella..

    Maki > Hanayo/Nico/Umi/Kotori/Eri > Rin/Nozomi >>>>>>> Honoka
    Yohane/Riko > Ruby/Hanamaru/You >> Seniors a shit >>>>>>> Chika

    ENOUGH LOVE LIVE! Summer season, go!

    Aho Girl
    Hiroyuki’s manga is just.. Hilarious. I’m a huge fan of his works, from the original to the doujins.
    Doujin Work and his Tsukihime/Fate stuff introduced me to his manga and I’ve been following them ever since.
    The anime for Aho Girl, however… Could’ve brought it a notch down. They really tried to make Yoshiko (No, not the Love Live one) as obnoxious as possible (as she is in the manga), but it was a taaaaaaad too much imo.
    But I’ve got “Read the manga first, so it’s better than the anime”-syndrome, so what do I know.

    This is a boy.

    Wonder if Ataraxia or Strange Fake is on the Horizon after this..
    So another Fate/* novel adaptation. I only knew some bits and pieces before, never read the original. The anime was.. Not what I expected.
    Unfortunately I already knew that Shirou was not the Shirou we know, and that Astalfo has a penis.

    Damn, that Astolfo. Such a bro. Such chivalry. But such girlish looks. If I made a wish with the grail in-universe, I’d wish him to be a girl.
    Praise all artists who genderbent him!

    ..going off-track there.
    There isn’t a clear good guys team in this war (Mage’s Association vs Yggdmillennia), everyone’s doing catastrophic damage to claim the Greater Grail. And the outcasts are kinda doing their own thing.. Jack eating hearts, Jeanne REACHING OUT FOR THE TRRRRRRUUUUUTTTTHHHHH, Sieg saving the clone *cough* homunculus army, and Mordred/her master missing almost all the action.

    Honestly, I’m looking forward much more to the Fate/Extra anime by shaft next year. Glorious Sakura Tange voice. Umu!
    ..speaking of Umu, that fucking faceplate should’ve been core, Max Factory! CORE! COOOOOORRREEEEEE!!!!!!! ..I hate the webshop exclusive thing.

    This show.. This fucking show.
    If you look up “Misunderstanding” in the dictionary, this anime’s entire season would be under it.
    It’s about a group of gamers misunderstanding every-fucking-thing about each others relationships.
    And when you think one thing is resolved, another follows.
    Don’t marathon this, you’ll get a headache – from bashing your head into the keyboard.

    Hajimete no Gal
    “Oh hey, this girl kinda looks like Mika from idolmaster (Gosh, another series I watched for the girls/slice of life and couldn’t care less for the music)” was my reason for watching this.

    You are a Gal! And You are a Gal! What? You aren’t a Gal yet? NOW YOU ARE!
    If it wasn’t clear, this anime has a lot of Gal characters.
    I think it’s a toned down version of Gyaru? I honestly haven’t kept up with those things. My first Gyaru was on Newgrounds. You know which one. Junko or Mika as first Gal for me then? Idunno.

    So we got this generic MC DOGEZAing his way into a relationship with the Mikalike, and the show is then about his struggles about figuring out why the fuck she said yes. Also some manly-upping near the end.

    It was an entertaining show to pass the time, but not something I’d buy anything of.
    Also annoying censorship – seeing some screens of the BDs, that was totally unnecessary.

    Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni
    Power-fantasy #1 of the season (Yes, there are multiple).
    A guy is accidentally killed by God and gets send to another, magical world, with his smartphone that can do everything, as compensation.
    His specs are also buffed and he basically gets handed everything to him on a silver platter.
    New (stupid) clothes? Check. Harem? Check. Wealth? Check. Godmode powers? Check, check, and… check.

    Apparently he ends up with two hands of wives at the end.
    ..all while acting humble and being a nice guy..
    It was a somewhat entertaining watch, but christ, the cringe at times.

    >Robot girl appears
    >”I NUT WARIN MAH PANTSU! Becum Mastah, k?”*
    >Harem +1
    *She actually looks and sounds a lot cuter, but you get the gist of it.

    Why doesn’t this shit happen to me.

    This is also a boy.

    Knight’s & Magic
    Wait, that girl on the cover IS A GUY?! (here we go again)
    Here’s power-fantasy anime #2 of the season.

    A tech savvy/plamo builder guy dies and is reincarnated as a girly looking shota in another universe. Medieval fantasy with giant robots.
    He then proceeds to become the most genius robot engineer of the century and keeps 1-upping everything that comes into his way.
    As I type this, it all might sound a bit sarcastic, but I really enjoyed watching this show. The 1-upping isn’t bad, it’s actually fun to watch how all these guys who spend hundreds of years upgrading their robots get trashed by a kid who’s pulling design after design out of his ass.

    The initial premise (those first 5 minutes or so) was “oh god, not this shit again”, but really – it’s a fun watch, and some of the mech designs look kinda cool.
    At least Ernie is somewhat working for his things, unlike Touya up there.

    Princess Principal *ALERT* *ALERT* -BEST SHOW-
    Great character design: Check
    Great story: Check
    Yuki Kajiura in charge of music: Check
    Cute spies in Steampunk notLondon(?)with notBerlin Wall doing spy stuff and be back in time for tea.
    They’re episodic episodes with different spy-related missions (Be it either guard duty, finding intel, CHARACTER BACKSTORY EPISODE, or killing off interference) until the end where you know “crap, the finale is coming. I don’t want this to end. I need my awesome spies next week!!!”.

    My blabbering sure isn’t doing this justice, but check it out. This was definitely the best show of the season.
    And it isn’t moe slice of life, it’s badass moe with blood and guns and spies and shit.
    Beatrice played by that guy from Police Academy. You know the one.

    Tenshi no 3P! (As in, 3 Piece. Not that thing you initially thought of)
    I expected instead of lolis playing basketball, to have lolis playing guitar.
    I was not wrong.

    While the service is a lot more.. in your face, I guess – compared to Ro-Kyu-Bu at least – there’s still a story about family and some pretty good music in this show.
    Orphaned lolis asking a hikki poking around in Vocaloid or whatever to help them organize a concert – and later sorta manage their band.
    Spoiler: Best girl isn’t a loli.
    Spoiler 2: It’s the classmate with the drills.

    And who the hell are these clowns?

    I guess I can squeeze Symphogear in here, too…
    But honestly? It’s been going downhill since adding the Alchemists.
    Though Elfnein’s cute as a button, shit’s getting retarded man.
    Also Sinbad- er, Adam, is the villain.

    Let’s close this with some manga you may or may not have run into.
    Tired of my- er, Miura’s hiatus with Berserk? Look no further!
    Here’s Goblin Slayer – a manga (Or novel, I still have to buy the novel to read. YEAH, IT’S OUT IN ENGLISH! WOO-OO!!) that you have to read with your favorite Berserk soundtrack on.

    This Gutslike character (Simply named Goblin Slayer – There’s also Guild Girl, High Elf Archer.. You know the drill) does nothing but kill goblins all day every day, with as much hatred as Guts has for Griffith.
    It’s as much as a dark fantasy as Berserk is. Read it. Now.

    And if you want a better “guy stuck in virtual MMO death game” than Sword Art Online, there’s The New Gate (No relation to GATE. Just like Full Metal Panic and Fullmetal Alchemist). But it deals in the aftermath. With everyone already being freed and MC being the only one left behind, having to interact with NPCs he made, like in Overlord (Hey, why haven’t I ever played a MMO where you can make your own NPCs?), after a looooong timeskip. The only max level character in a low level world. Go nuts.


    Since I’m burned out with Skyrim, I’ll probably go back to making comics again soonish.
    But be warned, coming months there’s going to be some moving here IRL.
    Did you hear that, Araragi-kun?
    Bigger room.

    Next time, Autumn season first impressions!

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