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Dragons and Dragons
Dragons and Dragons
Posted on: September 21st, 2017 by Kam

Girls’ night out raiding a bandit hideout.

For 10 years I’ve been using the same PC, until it died end of last year.
Because I was using that PC I couldn’t really play many games that I was interested in.
So now that I’ve got this self-built (So proud) one with specs that should last me a while, I could finally play things like Skyrim!

Since it was on sale with all the expansions (Legendary) when I happened to take a look, I finally bought it. Dutch edition didn’t come with a map or anything though. That was disappointing.

And since installing I’ve kinda been playing it non-stop.
Sorry Liz, I failed you. And now Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire releases tomorrow (Still sad there was no physical prepurchase).

Also GW2 related; I won a T-shirt! On Twitter! Courtesy of Sennheiser Gaming.
The print’s so shiny~

Seeing results from poking into social media!

I always wanted a GW2 shirt, so good stuff!

So yeah, having tons of fun with Skyrim.
Full vanilla until about lvl 20, then started adding mods. It feels like the past few days I’ve spent more time modding than playing because FIXING ALL THOSE NECK SEAMS IS A NIGHTMAAAAAAAAARE!!
And forever trying to find something to make the shadows look less blocky.

Vampires and Androids.

Also ended up finding a 2B armor mod and learning how to do some texture replacing/adding to get a nice beauty mark going.
Nier Automata’s another game I’m interested in, so at least I can cause havoc dressed up as 2B in the land of Skyrim for now.

Ehh.. My slider-fu’s not terrific. Also Draug FX glitch.

Console command “showracemenu” to access the character creator is also a time waster. Gave a try at making Tsukimiya, too.

That guy needs a breath minth.

I wish I could’ve played this game when it came out.
On the pro side, most bugs are fixed or have work arounds now, and there are loads of mods to play around with.


So far I’ve followed a Quest Timing page’s advice to get most quest lock-outs/conflicts out of the way so I can do whatever without the game bugging up.
And then you realize there’s so much to do (except Civil War, F that for now) that you don’t know where to start!

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