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Those times you want to punch the mailman
Those times you want to punch the mailman
Posted on: July 21st, 2017 by Kam

I’ve been ordering lightnovels lately. My first batch arrived in perfect condition, my 2nd batch.. Not so much.

One volume had nasty creases on the cover (caused pre-packing), and they did send a replacement for it (Thanks!). Unfortunately.. These accursed aggressive postmen have to ruin everything.
Though I don’t understand why they shipped it in bubble envelope again either (last one was in cardboard).

Now I got one book with a damaged cover but nice spine, and another with a damaged spine but nice cover.
I’m just miffed and wish I could photoshop these two books together IRL.

It’s that I don’t do the “1 for reading, 1 for collecting and 1 for backup” thing with books, because getting these in pristine condition here is close to impossible through the mail. That first batch was a miracle.

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