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Yuusha Yoshihiko S3
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Yuusha Yoshihiko S3
Posted on: April 22nd, 2017 by Kam

While fighting a pair of Slimes, Yoshihiko’s party ends up in Effu Effu Village, where a rebel called Valli wants to recruit them.

I found out a Season 3 of Yuusha Yoshihiko aired last year, so I had to go and start watching it again.
Episode. Three. This is one of those reasons why I love the show so much.

The stylish White Mage Ashu, whose panties are looted by a pot-breaking Yoshihiko shortly afterwards.

Yoshihiko encounters enemies unknown to him.

This is just how battle works in this world.

Summon Fleeing Chocoba

After FF, they teleported into MonHun’s world.

Helping people being his thing, Yoshihiko grabs an oversized sword out of the grass and helps the Hunter slay this giant beast.

While the party was split, Yoshihiko was farming coins in the Mushroom Kingdom.

And he’s off to farm more with his new brother.

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