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    Spring Season

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    Posted on: April 20, 2017 by Kam

    Glossing over the front page and seeing how infrequently I actually make a blogpost, I decided to continue with typing about some of this season’s shows.
    Mind, this will only be about the new-new shows, no S2s/spinoffs and such. And uh.. None of in the pic above.
    Behold, my autistic rambling about what I sampled!

    Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism

    Delinquent transfers into a school where the boys have to dress up like girls and all the -real- girls are armed to the teeth with swords and such.
    Aside from the MC having the usual asshole-face, he doesn’t give a shit about the situation and just wants his freedom. So he’s now collecting stamps from the Elite 5-, er.. I forgot their real name, anyways he collects stamps to get a pass to leave school grounds during free time or something like that.

    He gets said stamps by sexually harassing them after a fight. Okay.
    Of course, they all swoon over him as soon as he magic bullets them into the stomach.

    Oh, there’s also the Champio- er, “Queen” who I thought was a guy pretending to be a girl (like all the other guys there), but was actually a girl pretending to be a boy and now dresses like a girl again. I think.

    Meh, I still watch it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    I’m reading the manga, story’s by the OreImo guy, and I thank him greatly for not making Sagiri the show’s Kirino 2.0, because Kirino was an insufferable cunt.
    So with that factor out of the way, I’m enjoying this a lot more. Elf’s a fun character after she befriends MC, and later on Muramasa should appear for the Kuroneko-lookalike character.
    The anime will probably cover more than what the manga currently has, the original being the light novel, so I’m curious to see what’s beyond.

    Renai Boukun

    This show just brings me back to 2009 or so, where “bad but entertaining enough” shows like Kampfer aired.
    This is one of those shows.

    Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records

    Ah, this season’s new magic/mechasuit/magitech/whatever-school show. This time just magic, guess we did have a lot of magitech lately.
    Don’t like MC’s name., too bad. It’s a name I know a lot of assholes have and so it kinda sticks to that for me. Then again, this show is about a Bastard Teacher, but he himself ain’t really that bad. He’s the EMIYA of the show, I guess. Wanted to become a mage of justice, killed loads of people and now regrets it. So now he’s a substitute teacher. You be you, man.

    Sakura Quest

    What I saw: Sakura Quest
    What I expected: Your usual P.A. Works original about a girl finding her place and asdfghjk
    What I got: Your usual P.A. Works original about a girl finding her place and asdfghjk

    From said originals, I quit Hanasaku Iroha.. halfway I think, and didn’t even watch Tari Tari at all.
    I did enjoy Shirobako, but that might’ve just been the anime-making setting of the show.
    ..and maybe Erika & Ema.
    This time it’s the countryside with a mini-nation, those towns with mascots and such.
    More comparable to a themed restaurant..?

    It somehow kept my interest though, ep 2 was fun.

    Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai

    Oh boy, my disappointment of the season (I looked forward to it).
    I have 2 of those Seven Sins PVC figs (Leviathan and Beel). I think the figures look cool and they’re designed by NIΘ (Nitro+) who just makes cool characters in general.
    But boy oh boy.. I didn’t know what I expected, but this anime wasn’t it.

    Aside from it being butchered with censorship (Okay, I kinda expected it having ecchi in it..), so far I’m getting the impression this is a Queen’s Blade-type anime where most battles will be without clothes and everyone is just trying to lez each other out. Which isn’t really my thing. I dropped QB after 1 and a half episodes. Yeaaaaaahh… Characters still look nice, but I’m just not into the show.
    I’ll still give this another ep or so to see how it goes, but it’s become very low priority.

    Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho

    And finally we reach my surprise favorite of the season!
    Tiger Guts and a witch (let’s forget about the 3rd wheel) set out into the world to get back a book on the level of global nuclear warfare (that she wrote).

    Mercenary (aka. if Guts from Berserk was a Tiger-man) is a beastman who wants to become a human. Hates witches and all that since they’re the reason he’s like that and they more or less hunt each other.
    Ends up being the bodyguard of supposedly the strongest witch ever, Zero, so they can look for the book she wrote and then turn him into a human as a reward.
    The interaction between the two is great, since he’s actually a softy and Zero’s quite the smug teaser. These two will definitely make the show.

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