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  • And we're back

    And we’re back

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    Posted on: December 21, 2016 by Kam

    Persona 3 kept me company during these dark days. Elizabeth <3

    Whew, that’s finally over.
    A while ago the PC broke down and upon suggestion of other people, I went and built my new PC instead of buying one ready2go from a store. Oh boy..

    Assembly took a while, but I managed. Performance and stuff is obviously way better than my old computer. GW2 plays so smooth on Ultra~ Gone are the days of 14fps on lowest settings!

    Currently only moving over data and sorting everything again. No real rush with the sorting though.
    I got at least the basics installed and should be able to upload the new Anivoy and Requiem layouts soonish. The AE one will take another bit, still not satisfied with it. Else I’ll just AEify the Anivoy one.

    The SSD write-lifespan thing still terrifies me a little though..

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