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ME!ME!ME! ..what?
Anime & Manga
ME!ME!ME! ..what?
Posted on: November 24th, 2014 by Kam

Japan Anime (tor)’s Exhibition released a new video:  “ME!ME!ME! feat.daoko” TeddyLoid.
It’s animated by Studio Khara, Anno’s studio after he left GAINAX to make the Rebuild of Evangelion movies.
Is GAINAX even around anymore? Think most moved to TRIGGER..
Well this one has a Panty & Stocking animator on it, so Khara has some too.

Pretty weird video, but cool and wtfdidijustwatch-y nonetheless. Gotta slap a NUDITY WARNING and stuff on here, as it contains quite a bit of it. You can watch it here:

Meme is the new Rei.

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