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And another .1 added!

And another .1 added!
Posted on: October 12th, 2014 by Kam

And Anivoy’s updated once more!
This time to 1.2 – The World is Coded.

Though it may still look the same, I actually converted the Flash Splash and the Flash Banner into html/css! Now Google can crawl all over the place without a hitch.. Fufufu..

But as usual, Internet Explorer would break everything, so I added code that they see the simple stuff, while the other browsers get the fancy dropdown menus and stuff.

You might notice some additional comic series in that dropdown.
Some of them are currently in T2, but they’ll get their own pages eventually.

I’m currently figuring out a new theme for AE and Anivoy to share, just with a pallet swap.
But the new dropdowns are at least a tease.

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