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  • It's dangerous to go alone..

    It’s dangerous to go alone..

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    Posted on: October 6, 2014 by Kam


    I got bored once and decided to visit Newgrounds again since.. well, many many years.
    Oh god what have I done. Went through all the Zelda and Pokemon for some reason.
    Did catch up with Retarded Animal Babies… what the hell was I watching those years ago..?

    Later I continued my viewing of a Let’s Play of Skyward Sword (Since I’ll never play the game or get the console for it, so eh) and some vids of the animators I watched days before on NG appeared in the recommended bit (Mainly Egoraptor).
    Figured I’d link some of them here.

    Now anyone who knows me knows that I feel like throwing up whenever I hear rap or someone even mentions the word (All blame lies with the crap on music channels, the car radios & ipods that are on max and every goddamn commercial having to be rapped on TV here nowadays), but sometimes there are those rare exceptions that don’t drive me insane..

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