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Breaking and Fixing
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Breaking and Fixing
Posted on: August 9th, 2014 by Kam

The one getting wasted has a stuck leg.

So yesterday morning when I thought my dad’s car was being stolen (alarm woke me up), I bumped against the shelf when trying to look out of the window.
Bad move.

You can get the image of dozens of destroyed figures out of your head now.
I thought the shelf got a bit wonky, so I removed all the figs from it.
Only then did some breaking happen, when moving my old Kaiyodo MP-EVA w/ unit 02 base.
That shit’s still brittle as heck.

I bought it at a con ages ago and after a month or so its leg already snapped off.
Note that this fig was made a year after their Sachiel (Whose arm decided to fall off one day, cleanly broken).
Old Kaiyodo really had this thing with making figs from clearplastic and painting them.

Anyways, I already glued the MP’s leg back a year ago or so, now I did it again – only for the knee to break during it.
Looking at the other knee, it’s bound to happen there as well. Cracks all over the legs.
As I looked over the already broken knee, Kaiyodo’s fatal flaw was revealed: The circle wasn’t a circle.
It had several bumps, which pushed the peg upwards. Said peg is attached to the top of the lower leg, pulling it with it. And then you get cracks.

After many hours of getting the damn pieces glued together again, it was finally “fixed”.
While I waited for the glue to dry, I decided that if I’m breaking things already, let’s see if I can get my first Red Spectacles Revoltech working again (OP image).

In 2010 I ordered one, only for one of his legs being unable to move.
Pushing, pulling – nothing. The shop was kind enough to send me a replacement, which had no flaws. Yay!
So last night I messed around with the defect one again, to see why the heck it was stuck anyways.
After getting his buttcape out of the way, I saw the damn thing was melted stuck! Along with a big puddle of glossy black paint which had no reason to be there. Oh Kaiyodo….
I basically had to cut the leg out with a scalpel.
At long last, he can move again! Next party he can try breakdancing.

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