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N is a weird kid
N is a weird kid
Posted on: July 26th, 2014 by Kam

Hm, loosely nuzlocking wasn’t that bad (Mainly did KO = box, catch only first poké in area).
Fasted time I finished a storymode I think.
Usually I overtrain or train a dozen of pokémon at once, now I just charged through until something got KO’d, then replaced it.

Ice gym and fighting-type E4 were the easiest. They didn’t even scratch me.
Hardest trainer? Freaking Ghetsis. K-OD’d almost everyone.
Throh, or as I named it “Bert” (Come on, those 2 fighting types are totally Bert & Ernie), sacrificed himself in the final battle to save Lily the Lilligant, so she could finish him off. Manly tears were shed.
Will catch one in B2 to remember him by, but nickname it Kenshiro instead.

Through most of the game, it was pretty much Pups the (now) Stoutland who left a path of destruction.
That Tackle of his is deadly. DEADLY!!!!!
He survived because he got boxed due Zekrom vs Reshiram.

And thus, the casualties of war:
Scout the Patrat
Jam the Roggenrola
Kuream the Vanillite
Shina the Samurott
Maiko the Simisear
Yume the Musharna
Bert the Throh

Lily the Lilligant
Pups the Stoutland (box)

She was totally not given special treatment with restorations…… *cough*
Was not quite happy when a trainer with pokémon 10 levels higher suddenly challenged me when I was going to White Forest though.

Well, now to catch the stuff I need for my B2’s dex.
And N? Weird kid. I picked the No option every time.

On the Scéal side, I somehow rewrote a character meeting into a murder attempt.
Musical influence is scary.

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