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  • Anivoy.com v1.1 - The World is Updated

    Anivoy.com v1.1 – The World is Updated

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    Posted on: February 20, 2014 by Kam

    Welcome to Anivoy.com, the artistic side of Anime-Envoy.com

    The site hosts my portfolio and also the webcomics/stories I work on.
    Those being:
    – Webcomic “Anivoy” (T2)
    – Requiem for Sanity (Currently still on AE, but moving over)
    – ScĂ©al

    Recently I also made the links to my youtube videos more visible and decided to add the photos I took at conventions and the comedic photos that I take of my figures (Figma, Revoltech, etc). Some of those return frequently in T2’s comics, in “The Legend of Araragi-kun” storyline.

    Anivoy started as a webcomic under the name of Webcomic “Anivoy”, with the name being a merger of the main site’s name (It had great plans in a story-sense too, but that went down the gutter).
    Eventually it was destined for a bigger purpose!
    To become a “brand” for me where people wouldn’t sigh in disappointment to.
    (What’d intrigue a normal person more, Anime-Envoy or Anivoy?)

    Unfortunately, others have picked upon the name nowadays..
    In 2005~2009, you’d only get my site (+DevArt) and some spammy ones if you searched for Anivoy on Google. Now you get a lot more.. junk.
    Of those results, only this site, DeviantArt and MrKammy belong to me.

    Overall, I like designing. Just look at how many layouts I’ve gone through on AE.
    The time really ticks away when you do something you enjoy.

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