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Angel Beats! VN confirmed
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Angel Beats! VN confirmed
Posted on: December 26th, 2013 by Kam

Christmas miracle, coming through!
The official site for the Angel Beats! visual novel went up earlier, showing some cool stuff and raising questions.
The VN will have 6 volumes, I assume similar to 07th Expansion’s stuff, all being released for PC (Thank god).
They’re hoping on 2 releases per year, with the 1st beat being released in spring 2014.

You’ll play as Otonashi and it should loosely follow the anime, branching off into different routes,
and changing his personality depending on your choices.

Looking at the event cg samples and the current profiles again, maybe they’re doing different heroine routes per volume? With Iwasawa and Yui being the heroines and 5-dan your obligatory bro-character for the first one?
Or they just haven’t put everything on there.. Especially odd with the main trio missing on the profile page.
We’ll see.
I’m just pumped and hope a translation group will pick it up asap.

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