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  • I want to protect her smile

    I want to protect her smile

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    Posted on: October 27, 2013 by Kam

    protect that smile

    Last season Gatchaman Crowds was my favorite of the season, this season it’s definitely Outbreak Company.
    A fun anime where Japan found a portal to another world, which they wish to enrich with.. Otaku Culture*.
    *In this case, all things related to anime & manga. Not trains, idols or any other huge hobbies I believe.

    Japan showed the kingdom several things they were willing to import to them. Of course, they went with the manga.
    They then recruited a hikki who’s an expert on Otaku Culture, drugged him and threw him through the portal.
    Now he lives in a mansion with a cute half-elf maid and a lizardbro gardener, where from he has to spread the word of the Otaku.

    Though besides the typical fantasy world setting and fun/feel good times, the show also shows us the other world’s different views & morals. How humans are basically the dominating race and all others – from elves to lizardmen – can only join the army or do physical work. Mainly because they don’t even get an education, until Japan builds a school to teach them Japanese (Followed by Otaku culture, where they start with Zettai Ryouiki and end with BL on the first day..).
    Rebel factions and enemy nations also show up to flesh out the setting and be a thorn in the eye of importing anime goods to fantasy-land.

    Don’t you just want to protect Myucel’s smile, too?


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