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  • Rose Time-Travel Days

    Rose Time-Travel Days

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    Posted on: October 26, 2013 by Kam

    I don’t like Leo’s appearance.. He reminds me of that Burgh..!!

    *Post may include spoilers for Never7*
    The voyage of Visual Novels continues with this time.. Rose Guns Days!
    It’s from 07th (Higurashi/Umineko), but not part of the When They Cry series.
    As such, I haven’t noticed any brutal murders, brain parasites or small bombs in any food yet.
    It takes place in a post-war Japan where China & America have taken over Japan and mobs/gangs are running around.
    Source of money for the average Japanese Joe is either begging for work outside the job agency or joining the American or Chinese army. Fun.

    I gave the trial a whirl last weekend and then found out that the translation for the second season got released when I was done with it!
    So I’ll be picking up RGD Season 1/2 up and read it at my leisure.
    The battle system (Though so simple) is also a fun little interactive thing.

    I’m proud of my Rena one.

    In the meantime, picked Never7 back up again after regretting to read through Haruka’s route last time (Because best girl,/etc.. Just read that post).
    Got through Yuka and Kurumi’s routes, now busy with Saki.

    While Yuka’s explored the main plot more (time-travel), Kurumi’s was more fun.
    The stupid kind of fun.
    Crab battles? Oh my..
    She started to remind me more and more of Coco from Ever17.
    That sequence where she keeps on rambling about what she’s going to do and you can tell her to shut the hell up especially.
    At least Chicken Sandwiches aren’t dominating this island.

    Kurumi (Never7) during the Test if Courage
    Kurumi (Never7) during the Test of Courage!
    Coco (Ever17) doing the Chick Game
    Coco (Ever17) doing the.. Chick.. Game..

    Well, I guess Kurumi could be a proto-Coco, Never7 being the first game and all.
    As for Remember11.. No..
    No, that annoying Yuni doesn’t fit.
    Only thing on my mind was how much I wanted to punch him.

    We’ll see what Saki’s route has in store, then ending it with Izumi..
    And Izumi Curé.

    As that word popped up in the system log, Ever17’s story rose up in my head again, so that was clouding my reasoning a bit.
    In Kurumi’s route, there’s uncertainty about her and Izumi being sisters, due Kurumi being found after 3 years yet looking the same as before she disappeared.
    So yeah, I thought it was Cure from E17 kicking in again, but that wouldn’t make sense.
    Cure stops you from aging (After a short while, I believe?) and Kurumi still grew out of being a baby.
    Then the real answer appeared and I slapped myself.

    Looking forward to Izumi’s/Curé ending either way. I’m interested in these little things.
    *Edit: It seems Curé is different from Cure. D’oh.

    In pokemon news, current party: Lilligant/Darmanitan/Azumarill/Heracross/Emolga/Krookodile.
    CAUGHT A SHINY RATTATA, AW YEAH! She’ll be top-percentage.

    Got captions working. Yay!

    Finished Saki’s after this post. Least interesting route so far and Okuhiko needs another punch in the face.
    Next up..


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