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  • Liadri the Concealing B

    Liadri the Concealing B

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    Posted on: September 2, 2013 by Kam


    I give up.
    I’ve wasted so much gold on repairs and most of the time I was only wasting tickets becauseĀ  either the game bugged (Leftover Oozes, a 2nd player joining in the same ring with his own boss (Oh yeah, crack up that difficulty), not letting me enter the ring at all) or I started to lag terribly because of the zerg going on downstairs.
    So yeah, whoever made Liadri at Anet… You can jam her up your ass.

    I want to get off Arenanet’s Wild Ride.
    I want a break.
    My eyes hurt.
    I want to stop playing without missing anything.
    (You can see I’m not a fan of all this temp content.)

    Ah, I forgot to add.
    All those AFK players/players who don’t bother to res, the Waypointing and then running back, the paying tickets, the no res upon defeat in general.. All terrible.



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