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Never7 - Never picking the best girl as last.
Visual Novels
Never7 – Never picking the best girl as last.
Posted on: August 28th, 2013 by Kam


Having read Ever17 (Great VN) and Remember11 (..Eh? Nandatte?), I thought it was time to give Never7 a chance, the first of the Infinity series by KID.
When I started it up, it felt a bit dated. The interface I mean.
The sparkly mouse and rainbow background for the text also felt like something you’d see on those old Anime Character Shrine websites, y’know?
Anyway, I’m glad I managed to get past that – however…

Why do I always start with the best girl instead of saving her for last?
Realizing you’ll get less of her in the other remaining routes is such a..
I-I know..! I’m in it for the mystery, but still..!! (For example, Sora route was just boring in E17, yet the final route was all NO BREAKS ON THE KIDTRAIN)

When Haruka started her no-heart talk, intuition immediately shifted gears into her route (No interest in Yuka from the start. 2genki, 2drunk).
Going full God of Conquest mode on her … only to end up in a bad end. Great job there, Kam. Lacked 1 or 2 points.
If I see that bell one more time..!!

It was already pretty late, but I was determined to get that good ending.
Which I thankfully did at ~1:30am.
I was so glad.. Though it was only a day, I did get a bit emotional when running through the loops.
It was also the final proof that these kind of girls are definitely my weakness.
Kuudere, if I am correct?

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