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  • I don't always ship girls..

    I don’t always ship girls..

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    Posted on: August 19, 2013 by Kam


    ..but when I do, it’s MadoHomu.

    Maybe it has to do with watching the two movies recently, but I’ve been in a Homura mood. That and finally finishing Umineko EP7 & 8 have been a great distraction from Danganronpa too.
    Watching the anime didn’t work out – I just think it’s bad compared to the PSP game and it just looks like I’m watching the game with a lot of things cut out. Those character introductions in the first episode were just so.. Cheesy..!
    I kinda stopped after that.
    Might continue at a much later date. Kinda curious how they handled the class trials though.

    The anime designs aren’t doing it for me either. I guess I’m dead-stuck on Game > Anime.
    I believe they’re also reusing all the 2.5D-videos and backgrounds from the game.
    Gotta love how all the merch is using the same 1-2 pictures for everything as usual too… Not.
    At least the Kanade ones looked nice, but “the Animation” Kirigiri looks off. Nothing like her beautiful PSP self!
    What’s up with that “the Animation” for adaptations anyways? It sounds cheesy too and just keeps reminding me of how most hentai shows slap that on their covers. I wonder which side started doing it first..?

    *Ahum* Back to Madoka & Homura..
    I find the two absolutely adorable together, while I’ve never been much of a shipper. They’re just.. Meant to be!
    Those doujinshi by Forest Village about Madokami & Homura are great reads too.
    The Summer Vacation one hit me especially hard . I suggest you read them.


    And this last image is kinda special to me.
    Back then, it somehow made me watch the show in the first place (Initially, I didn’t bother  because the commercials of it were annoying me. I’m so stubborn at times).
    So I guess when you want me to watch something, add gears?


    p.s. You screwed up, Kyousuke. You screwed up hard.

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