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The courage to read a big fat book
The courage to read a big fat book
Posted on: May 10th, 2012 by Kam

Necronomicon arrived in the mail (Figures too, but we’ll leave those for another time. Al Azif not related) and damn, that’s one big fat book.
Unfortunately, 2 pages have a tiny tear on the side.. GRRR!!
No idea if it was like this in their warehouse or caused during shipping.

Ordered it from, using the €15 voucher I got from after they canceled my GW2 CE Prepuchase.
The sequel of Necronomicon, Eldritch Tales, is still under way from The Book Depository.
They got a 10% off on everything on top of the usual discounts going on there.

..when do I find the time to read this..

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