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  • Not dead, just SONY

    Not dead, just SONY

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    Posted on: November 27, 2011 by Kam

    Just showing some signs of life.
    I bought a PSP3000 last month (I’m always late with nextgen consoles/handhelds) and picked up P3P Collectors Edition and Fate/Extra Limited Edition.
    Also have Queen’s Gate (JP) from Figma Maron=Makaron and got the BRS Game (JP) with Figma WRS on the way..
    So I’m catching up on the gaming time I skipped out on because of never having money for them.

    I’m really not much of a gamer these days. Probably was most active when I was around 10 years old.
    Rarely finish any games. Only ones in memory are Pokemon Yellow and Gold on the Gameboy (Color), some Starwars games on the PC.. Oh, and Mario 64.
    Probably a whole other lot of PC games from 10 years ago that I just don’t remember.
    Was in the final stage on Marioland 4? I think, Light Temple on Ocarina of Time.. Don’t get me started on Final Fantasy.
    Some force prevents me from every finishing one of those.
    Guess Guild Wars counts for finishing the storyline?
    I also have a lot of bad luck of savegames getting erased/corrupted and losing interest.
    Mainly because of the grind. I must be one of the few people who do it for the story..

    So yeah, I’m playing a lot of Fate/Extra and P3P at the moment.
    Hope Corpse Party hits Europe soon.
    Just throw the damned English version on the network! I know you have it! America has it!
    I don’t care about Spanish/Italian/German/French language support! JUST GIVE ME MY GAME!!

    Trying hard to pick up the Requiem comics again.
    Pray for a miracle to happen.

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