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Customs stole €20,- from me
Figures & Merchandise
Customs stole €20,- from me
Posted on: October 1st, 2011 by Kam

Two packages today, with custom fees. Guy didn’t have change, so I lost 60 cts of the €20 I paid him.
I could’ve bought a snack from that change! Oh, and a whole new figure with those ridiculous charges.

Today’s boxes:
– SEGA Prize Figures Charlotte & Laura from Infinite Stratos
– Nendoroid Petit Mikuru/Haruhi/Yuki from the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
– And Fima Hachikuji Mayoi from Bakemonogatari.

Quality of the prize figures are SEGA being SEGA.

And here I thought the eyepatch was stuck on her face.
Well, it’s loosely there. Only one side is stuck afaik.
Her yellow eye is so pretty.
(It stays stuck if you push it behind her strand of her, don’t worry folks)

No comment on Charlotte.
Just SEGA being SEGA.

I like how the water on the bases is transparent though.

At least Laura has Dat Asscrack.

No surprise goodies like with AB Petit set #2 (The angel wings).

Honestly, I just got them all for headswap potential.


Mask has an elastic string attached to it.

Figma Mayoi has a nice arsenal of accessories.
Remember, Nadeko preorders are up! Secured mine already.
Fuwa Fuwari, Fuwa Fuwaru~

Two trays for all her stuff. Open umbrella hogs all of #2.

I envisioned a nightmare when I discovered you had to rip her arms off to put the bag on (Bad experience still haunts me), but her right arm surprisingly slid off smoothly without any struggle.
Didn’t give a go at the other, as you can put the bag on with only 1 arm attached.

Her hand tends to flop around due the weight of the umbrella though.

Araragi-kun must take her home for this and that. RUN, MAYOI! RUN!

Let’s end with the two Kanade plushes I have now.
I think Gift (Right) is the clear winner.

Still no photos from the AB Cosplay photoshoot.
Evolving into Slowbro..

Also thinking of giving the layout a slight edit.
This tiny font isn’t working well with everything..

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2 Responses to “Customs stole €20,- from me”

  1. Tabitha says:

    I love your collection is there a website you got the kanade plush on? I have been able to find the one on the left but I have been looking everywhere for the one with the wings o; thank you.

  2. Kam says:

    I think I got her from either AmiAmi or Hobbby Search.
    I just checked those sites again and unfortunately they don’t have her in stock anymore (Well, it has been 4 years).

    I’d suggest to watch Mandarake (2nd hand store, though lots of things are still sold sealed) and auction sites.
    Maybe this info page on MFC too, sometimes people post in the comments if something is in-stock somewhere:

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