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Life Returns Shortly
Life Returns Shortly
Posted on: September 8th, 2011 by Kam

Well well well..
I got a comic halfway done, I might get a decently-paid job and I’m in the process of going through a Photoshop hell.
If you recognize what these men are doing in the picture above, you might have an idea of what I’m planning to do…

Meanwhile, still waiting on my Demonbane, Kaiji and Mayoi.
Will they make it in time for the photoshoot?! Tune in next time~

Speaking of Photoshoots, the Angel Beats! one we did at Abunai was awesome.
It had hilarious shots, depressing shots, shots I want to erase from my memory and shots that are so d’awwww you might get a heart attack.
But the guy hasn’t uploaded them yet.
Fukou da.

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One Response to “Life Returns Shortly”

  1. Homem do Bau says:

    I wanna see the AB shots as soon as possible… waiting anxiously for the upload.

    Btw, are you planning to do a communist riot?

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