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  • It's a miracle that I update at all

    It’s a miracle that I update at all

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    Posted on: April 5, 2011 by Kam

    I wonder why. Lazy? WordPress being slow/annoying? Too used to DC/Figure.fm’s sort pictures nicely and caption them gimmick?
    Might be all of them.
    Is there some plugin to make this stuff easier?

    Anyways, good and bad news. Let’s start with the BAD.
    Job Interviews are going nowhere. I’m in despair and some voice in my head is narrating like in Kaiji.
    Also, back problems! The upper back/shoulder area. Quite annoying.
    That was the personal bad news!

    Now, the GOOD news. Well, good? The more stuff arrives, the lower the cash on my bank account goes.
    Well, just continue reading the post for pictures of new lootings.
    Maybe some brabble about last seasons anime if I feel like it. Let’s see where this goes.

    Just for catching up, as strangely enough I don’t post them here much..
    The Lootings of.. Past times!
    Catching up with Loot
    The Moon attacks February
    Kore wa Tenshi desu ka? Early March Loot

    That covers that..

    Now for the stuff that I haven’t even posted there yet, because I’m waiting for 3 other things to arrive before then.
    Non-chronological order.

    The Tenshi-chan is really a Tenshi.. Funbag?
    Well, the shipping and import costs.. Got me good..
    Got it still packed due my lack of space. Argh, if only I had gotten that job.. It was a golden opportunity to get an apartment or something!
    *Ahum* This contains a pillow cover, keychain, bathroom poster, stickers and the bag.

    Next, this Kanade messenger bag!
    I was planning to buy a mini laptop to put in it.. But.. yeah.. That dream’s postponed now.

    Six Angel Beats Trading figures!
    What, you can only count 3?
    That’s because the other three were another Yuri and two v5 Kanade’s.

    There’s also Pig-suit Azusa and another keychain.
    What’s with this fascination of keychains and mugs I have lately?
    I need to quit this..

    SEGA Shouko, from Baka Test.
    I like the painting.
    The chain of her dogcollar is of pvc/rubber/something though. Not steel or iron or.. Something that won’t snap off easily.

    And today.. EvoEva 02 came.
    Lots of neat stuff come with it.
    Though some joints are a bit loose and 02 tends to fall off the spin-gimmick stand due GRAVITY.

    Right, some past season rambling..

    Well I liked Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? a lot.
    Entertaining, MC was cool but sometimes the episodes went a bit into “No really, what’s going on?” like the ferris wheel crashing episode. I can only hope it was just DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN and not the novel.
    Infinite Stratos was fun to follow. Charlotte and Laura ended up being my favorites. Laura especially after that beach episode.
    She just looks so cute in it~
    The Queen Bee and Black Widow, as I named an image of them together..
    Level E was interesting, but some parts just didn’t appeal to me very well. Kinda like Yumekui Merry.
    The manga is GREAT, but the anime adaption of Merry is.. Well, fuck their Original Ending. I want my Unlimited Catgirl Works, not a creepy teacher who looks like he came out of Shiki.

    What’s left.. Index S2, Freezing.. A, Fractale.
    Though ignoring the SAVING ANIME that has been going around on the net, I liked the show.
    I bet if we had that system, I’d be plugged in 24/7.
    Gosick‘s another shows to fill my lust for mystery, though everything is pretty obvious in there.
    At least Victorique looks cute enough.

    Most likely forgettingĀ  a few others. Waiting for .hack//Quantum to finish, as I’m a sucker for the .hack franchise (Even though I haven’t played a single game) and it’s very entertaining. Shit got real for the second time. Baka Test OVA’s are fun too..

    Well, plenty to watch next season.
    Finished Kaiji and King Gainer recently as well. Good stuff. Though that opening of Gainer..
    Still stuck in my head.

    Kiiiiiiiiing, kiiiiiiiiiing. Kingu Gainah~

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