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  • And then my Laptop was posessed

    And then my Laptop was posessed

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    Posted on: January 6, 2011 by Kam

    So the neighbours have been renovating or something for a while now.
    Waking up with hammering and drilling isn’t one of the greatest ways to wake up.
    Anyways, the past few days while I was busy on the laptop deep in the night.. Strange things started happening.

    Basically, what you see in the image here is one I took last night.
    The first time, my screen just went RAINBOWS EVERYWHERE like I was drugged or something.
    Then it was a bit less, but still there.
    Last night it happened again, only it was an EXPLOSION OF RAINBOWS EVERYWHERE.
    I couldn’t see what I was doing anymore, so I forced a shutdown.
    Reboot and I saw what the above pic shows.

    Yes, I see a freaking DEMON on the screen. That freaked me out a little.
    After a while the system restored itself, did some Videocard upgrading, thinking that might’ve been the cause originally.
    But I wasn’t seeing any demons or rainbows anymore, just the odd line flashing on gray colors.
    I’ve been theorizing that it might be something behind the wall.
    Like magnets (HOW DO THEY WORK?!), so I tested something.

    I removed the laptop from my desk and placed it on my bed.


    So I have come to two conclusions of what happened during the neighbours renovation:

    A: The neighbours are actually coldblooded killers and stuffed a corpse in the wall.
    The ghost of said corpse is now haunting my laptop.

    B: They’ve got some Magnetic Field or something going on over there.

    Anyways, I’ve only witnessed these weird things between 3 & 5 am, not during the day (I went on it a few hours ago, no problems).
    So what side will you take?
    Science or Magic?

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