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I need your help
I need your help
Posted on: September 25th, 2010 by Kam

Yes, I need your help.
Since Demonbane is one of the few translated PC Visual Novels that is NOT only a digital download, I desire it.
The artbook and stuff sounds appealing too.
ANYWAYS!! Right this moment, I’m only 2 dollars short.
Thanks to the people who got it this close, even though you might not even know you did so, since neither did I!
Funny, those payment emails..

So yeah.
If you’re planning to buy something off J-list/J-box pretty soon, please do so by going to the site through the above banner. My code’s slapped on it, so the system registers the purchase was made through AE.
Heck, if one guy makes a 15 dollar purchase right here and now, the goal will be met!
And for a limited time action, make a screenshot of your purchase receipt/date (and email it to me so I can check if the data’s correct) and get a free Anivoy-drawn character to your liking (As long as it’s not too disgusting or mind-shattering)!


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