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  • Black★Rock Shooter for Dummies

    Black★Rock Shooter for Dummies

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    Posted on: July 26, 2010 by Kam

    The site’s loading .. slow .. On my end, for some reason. Bare with it please.
    Watched the Black★Rock Shooter OVA yesterday.
    Though comments are flying around of “K-On with pointless fighting” and other odd stuff, I myself found it to be “decent”. Not very good, not horribly bad. Just decent.

    The director or whoever being the guy who thought it was a brilliant idea to shuffle the episodes of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya around in the original 1st season airing, thought it would work well with BRS too..
    He was wrong. 8 out of 10 people just “don’t get it”.

    So here, have my  “Black★Rock Shooter for Dummies” summary.
    A long time ago, in an Otherworld far far away..

    Black★Rock Shooter is fighting against someone we’ll never see again in this OVA.
    She’s fighting against a girl who is identified as Black★Gold Saw in Huke’s artwork.

    Basically, our Heroine BRS gets her ass kicked by her and receives her scars.
    Though that is debatable, since they flash on/off. Animation error? Oh well.

    Our protagonist, Kuroi Mato (Voiced by the one who voices my adorable Kanade, Ms Hanazawa) is starting the first term on a new school! And like all Japanese school girls, she’s very excited about this for some reason!
    Thus after the usual morning funnies that anime always have, she ends up in the train going to her school.

    Now then, ladies and gentlemen.
    I nominate this random girl as Black★Gold Saw’s true identity.

    We’ll see if I’m right. I was first. I’m even the guy who posted this screenshot on the you-know-imageboard and originally typed out a much more compromised summary. But this is a blog and I need to type a lot.
    So I’m doing just that.

    At school, Mato sees a girl stepping out of a car.
    It’s our ojou-sama who’s been living in Germany and has been moving around with her family: Takanashi Yomi.
    From here to half of the OVA, it’s Mato befriending her and becoming BEST FRIENDS FOREVER.
    Mato joins the basketball club and Yomi joins the volleyball club.

    A year passes while doing things that BFF would do. But fate strikes them and they’re in different classes this year!
    This eventually leads into Yomi feeling left out as Mato starts to buddy-up with her new classmate and basketball-manager, Yuu.
    “Dead Master” starts taking over Yomi.

    Mato’s been trying to get into contact with Yomi for a few days, but keeps missing her.
    This day she apparently went home earlier and the next she was absent from school.
    Soon after, Mato hears from her mother that Yomi’s gone missing!

    Police and the like start questioning Mato, who’s just breaking into tears.
    Days later, she finally receives a text-message from Yomi!
    It’s blank though. But somehow, Mato knows she has to visit.. THE BFF SPOT.
    Once there, she finds the phone strap Mato bought Yomi on the ground.

    The thing suddenly starts to glow as Mato’s emotions DESIRE to reunite with Yomi.
    Then out of fucking nowhere, this goth-style girl appears before her.
    Mato doesn’t want to save Yomi, she just want to walk along side her again!
    This girl in front of her acknowledges her DESIRE and the two merge into one..


    Now BRS starts her crazy adventure in the Otherworld to find Dead Master!
    During all this, this other gal called STR/Strength is just standing on a cliff for no reason, swinging her tail around.
    Eventually, BRS arrives at a castle and meets Dead Master. She holds out her hand, hinting she wants Yomi to come back with her.
    But Dead Master does not approve of this! A vicious fight with FLYING SKULL, CHAINS, ROCK CANNONS AND HAND SONIC v2 ensues.
    But it ends with BRS getting chained to a wall for some bondage time.
    Now it’s BRS to start disapproving of things.
    She breaks free from the chains and approaches Dead Master, who starts to walk away from her.
    But with that backwards walking, she didn’t notice she was about to fall several floors down into a pit of doom!
    BRS embraces her with a HUG OF LOVE. But Dead Master doesn’t want to be hugged.
    She tries to force her way out of BRS’s yuri grip, and succeeds. But she leaves her “body”, Yomi, behind.
    Dead Master falls and explodes into dust. Yomi ;_;

    As the place starts to collapse, BRS escapes with her maiden Yomi in her arms, into the outside world..

    Mato and Yomi are BFF again and are happily walking out of school laughing like other stereotype Japanese school girls.

    Yuu is walking behind them, all grimdark and looks to be pretty damn jealous.

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    1. rec says:

      Thanks ….. tried to figure it out on my own. FAIL!!!

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