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  • Angel Beats! E13 Summary

    Angel Beats! E13 Summary

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    Posted on: June 26, 2010 by Kam

    The final episode of Angel Beats.
    You don’t know how much I’m crying, which is a first.
    Don’t get too attached to characters or you’ll end up as an emotional wreck like me.
    Here, 4 hours after watching, I’m still bursting into tears whenever I remind myself.
    To hell with you people who say it sucked and complain about plot holes.
    Though I do agree it needed 24-26 episodes.

    Well, here we go.

    Three days after the erasure of the Shadows.

    Yuri has woken up in the infirmary with Otonashi, Kanade, Hinata and Naoi next to her.
    She wonders why they are all still there.
    The reason being of course, that they were waiting for her.
    They prod Yuri in finding out that she has overcome her regrets and is ready to move on.
    As Naoi is trying to get her to confess, she bursts into anger and throws blankets and pillows at him.
    This only proves it’s true and she acknowledges it.
    She’s glad that Kanade and her are friends now though.
    During the days Yuri was sleeping, the others had planned something that Kanade wanted to do.

    As they walk over the school grounds, they explain to Yuri that the others have already moved on.
    Even Takamatsu somehow regained his senses even after becoming a NPC, and moved on with the others.
    As they’re approaching the gymnasium, Kanade’s been humming a song as she was leading the way.
    Otonashi asks what song it was, but she doesn’t know herself.
    Yuri recognizes it as Iwasawa’s last song. “My Song”.

    Inside the gymnasium, it was decorated with a sign saying Afterlife Battlefront Graduation Ceremony.
    They made it together, with Kanade writing the letters.
    Yuri isn’t sure yet if she wants to vanish, but gets convinced to join the others in the ceremony.
    They start off with the SSS’ Battle Anthem, written by Kanade.
    It’s mainly about Mapo Tofu, which gives everyone a chuckle.
    Next would be the diploma’s.
    Hinata appears on the stage wearing a bald cap, glasses and a mustache, pretending to be a teacher.
    First. Tachibana Kanade. Next, Nakamura Yuri followed by Naoi Ayato.
    When it’s Otonashi Yuzuru’s turn to get his diploma, he calls out Hinata Hideki and hands him a diploma as well.
    Afterwards, Otonashi gives a speech about how he arrived here and how regaining his memories made him realize it’s not bad too move on.
    They finally close the ceremony with a Rendition of “Aogebo Toutoshi”.

    Now that the ceremony is over, it is time to say their goodbyes.
    Naoi says he’ll go first, because he doesn’t want to see womanly tears.
    As he faces Otonashi and puts off his cap, he’s crying himself.
    Thanking Otonashi for everything because without him, he would never have found peace.
    Otonashi gives him a pat on the head and Naoi disappears.

    Yuri decides it’s her turn now.
    She apologizes to Kanade that they’ve been fighting for all this time and why she couldn’t be her friend sooner.
    She was always looking after her siblings and was concerned about Kanade, because she looked like she didn’t go out much.
    Yuri gives Kanade a hug and waves the other goodbye.
    Otonashi and Hinata thank her for all that she has done.
    Yuri walks off, saying they’ll meet again.. and Disappears.

    Hinata says it’s his turn now, but Otonashi says he himself can go.
    But Hinata doesn’t want that. Otonashi can’t go and leave Kanade behind.
    He thanks Otonashi, who tells him to give Yui his regards.
    Hinata says he’s been saving up all his luck for that moment and disappears.

    The only ones who remain are Kanade and Otonashi.
    He asks her what she thought about the graduation ceremony.
    She thought it was fun, but sad at the end.
    He invites her outside for a walk.

    When they’re in the open air, Otonashi asks if she wants to stay here with him.
    So they can help other people like Yuri who refuse to move on.
    He thinks maybe that was the reason he has come there.
    He really wants Kanade to stay with him, so he won’t be lonely in this world.
    She approaches her with with a sad face.
    Otonashi really.. Loves her.
    He grabs her tight and confesses his love to her.
    But she isn’t saying anything, because she doesn’t want to.
    If she tells him her feelings, she’ll disappear right now.
    She only came here to thank him. Because she was able to stay alive because of his heart.
    Her only regret was being unable to say thank you to the person who saved her life.
    She realized it was Otonashi’s when she first stabbed him.
    There was no heart.
    And when he was sleeping on Kanade’s chest, he regained his memories due his heart being in her body.
    Kanade wants him to repeat once more what he said.. He refuses, because she’d disappear.
    But Kanade begs him.
    He hugs her tightly while shedding tears, repeatedly telling her he loves her and that he wants to be with her forever.
    Kanade keeps saying her thanks. For the gift of life that he gave her.
    She disappears and Otonashi falls on the ground, still crying.
    Trying to grab the small orbs of light that fly away.
    But it’s useless. She has moved on.
    One final time he screams her name.

    The ED rolls in with the entire SSS showing. With Kanade.
    They slowly disappear with Kanade and finally Otonashi disappearing.

    Afterwards, in the living world, we see a girl with silver hair leaning against a wall, humming My Song.
    A boy walks past who stops in his tracks upon hearing it.
    The girl checks her phone and then walks away.
    The boy decides to run after her and reaches out his hand..

    He managed to find her..

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    6 Responses to “Angel Beats! E13 Summary”

    1. zenith says:

      I like your ending line
      “He managed to find her..”

      It was such a great series but I can’t get enough with the 13 episodes! >.< especially their lives in their reincarnation (although it will be kinda getting off the plot)~

    2. steve says:

      hello dude i want more episode of angel beast whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! i was crying more episode for god sake

    3. steve says:

      kanade!!!!! u are so cute and btf why is a to end like this why can be like bleach or naruto.bleach got 277 episodes. i mead whata f*** japanese do more episodes of angel beast. i was crying on episode 13 whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    4. Kam says:

      I just want to be sure that Otonashi and Kanade stay together in the new world.
      A tap on the shoulder just doesn’t do it for me ;_;

    5. steve says:

      kam u are rt.me too i just want to be sure otonachi and kanade stay together in the new world.but i dont want to end so fast and i dont want to end like this.kanade kanade…. kanade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whyyyyy.we need more episodes whyyyyy kanade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    6. Alto-kun SalvationDJ says:

      I haven’t watch the last episode. But because of this post… I crying. (OTLPLZ) Really nice.

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