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  • Angel Beats! E12 Summary

    Angel Beats! E12 Summary

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    Posted on: June 25, 2010 by Kam

    Sigh.. Tonight the Final episode of Angel Beats will air.
    I don’t know what to do anymore after this.
    Kanade ;_;

    Without further adieu, Episode 12.

    The shadows are still swarming the school grounds.
    On one of the rooftops, Kanade stands with her wings spread out.
    She readies her blades and jumps into the attack!

    Back at HQ, Naoi is burning with passion to start their mission.
    He and Hinata are arguing again until Otonashi reminds them that Kanade is trying to buy them enough time so they can make everyone disappear.

    Outside the office, the GirlDeMo band and many other SSS members are standing in the hallway.
    Otonashi asks why they’re all there.
    They reply that they’ve had enough. They have accepted what he said back in the gymnasium.
    Though they already knew it deep inside, he gave them the final push.
    And with no singer for the band anymore, it’s kinda useless.
    They hope Otonashi will succeed with his goals, so they didn’t vanish for nothing.
    He promises he’ll be a fan of them again the next time they’ll meet.
    The hall is now silent, with only Otonashi waving his hand.
    Naoi congratulates him for the good work (waving the commoners goodbye) and ends up in a fight with Hinata again.
    I guess he turned into Yui v2?

    As Otonashi urges them to stop messing around, the shadows break through the windows to attack them.
    They run outside, only to see the entire grounds flooded with Shadows.
    As the Shadows attack them, Noda jumps in to fight.
    Ooyama saves Hinata with a shot from the window while Fujimaki joins the battle as well.
    As he rants about that nobody should forget him, TK steals the spotlight with headspinning off the staircase, destroying any shadow in his path. As he lands on his feet, his line of the day becomes “Knockin’ on heaven’s door”.
    The SSS notice that is from a Bob Dylan song, which Noda comments is perfect for this situation.
    Then from above, a man joins the battle as well, punching shadows off the roof.
    As he jumps down and lands next to the others, he asks what on earth has happened.
    The SSS more-so, want to know what happened to him. Who is he!?

    He was training in the mountains for a while, but there wasn’t much food.
    So he got slimmer..
    Matsushita 5-Dan!
    Otonashi asks if he’s actually alright, but 5-Dan feels better than ever.
    Like he could do a 100-man kumite right now (Thats karate)!
    With all the men together, they are ready for battle!

    Meanwhile, Yuri is walking through the underground corridors, wondering why their enemy is hiding in Guild.
    But it doesn’t take long before the shadows appear even here to attack her.

    The guys are still fighting above ground.
    Naoi points Otonashi’s direction downstairs, where the Shadows are multiplying like crazy.
    As a shadow appears from behind him, it gets slashed apart by Shiina.
    100 Men. They’ve just grown their force by the strength of 100 men.
    Otonashi doesn’t understand it.. Basically, Shiina will take over from here.

    Yuri’s still fighting as well in the passages of Guild.
    The forces are increasing, so she is most likely heading the right way.
    But her ammo’s running out..
    Then a voice calls out to her.
    Behind her is Chaa, sitting on a rock.
    He tells her everyone in Guild is aware of the situation and heading for the surface.
    He gives his last rifle to Yuri, bidding her farewell.
    Yuri thanks him for his services, since without him, they wouldn’t be here today.
    And so, Chaa disappears.

    In the Dining Hall, students are screaming as they turn into Shadows.
    Kanade walks in and faces the enemies there.
    At the same time, Yuri enters Old Guild, wondering if maybe they’ve gone too far.
    She also wonders if Kanade is alright. That maybe if she had understood her sooner, they could’ve been friends.
    They’re both girls. Maybe she could’ve found some clothes that suit her?
    But it’s impossible for Yuri. She cannot forgive God.
    She is then ambushed by the Shadows.
    Kanade has a bad feeling as she destroys another one.

    Yuri wakes up in class, panicking she hadn’t taken any notes.
    A girl, Hitomi, pokes her around a bit asking if everything is okay.
    During the next class, Yuri spaces out again. But this all feels wrong..
    She stands up and says this place is like paradise.
    That she is jealous and can’t accept such a place.
    If she was reborn, she would’ve lost her memories and personality. She’d be someone different.
    Only then could she accept such a life.
    As she denies the existence of this happy school life, everyone disappears and the Shadows barge in through the windows, turning into a black sea (They sure love windows).
    A voice screams to reach out her hand.
    It gets grabbed and she wakes up again at Old Guild.
    Otonashi, Hinata and Naoi are standing in front of her.
    They managed to save her, because Kanade “heard her thoughts exploding”.
    Then from behind Otonashi, Kanade peeks out her head from behind him (HHNNGG).
    Yuri thanks everyone and asks why they’ve come.
    They didn’t come to save her, they came to fight alongside her.
    Kanade mentions that she should probably fix her clothes though..
    Slightly pissed, Yuri cleans herself up and marches forwards.

    They move further and see a huge group of shadows ahead.
    Otonashi remarks that he has the feeling that they’re protecting that area.
    By sarcastic coincidence, Yuri thinks the same.
    Hinata says that with that many, it would take a carpet bombing to get rid of them.
    Kanade stands up and jumps into the group of shadows.
    Shortly after, she destroys all the shadows instantly.
    She gives a thumbs up to the group and they proceed to move on.
    More shadows are approaching them though, so Otonashi urges Yuri to go on ahead.
    She nods and will be counting on them.

    Yuri ends up walking into a room filled with PCs that are all running Angel Player.
    Each screen showing the process of turning a NPC into a shadow.
    She has no doubts. This is the place.
    A voice preaches her for coming this far.
    At the end of the room sits a guy watching her.

    The topic about the worlds rules and God come up.
    The guy thinks it’s a profound question whether God exists or not.
    But he does not have the means to pursue the answer.
    Yuri deducts that he was programmed. She asks who made him, but the guy says it’s no use.
    There is no point in telling his creators name, because he was from a long-dead past.
    Yuri starts questioning him about Angel Player.
    It’s a program that allows to create and change materials in this world.
    He does not know why, he didn’t create it himself.
    But it’s the same as how the SSS made their stuff from dirt.
    They’re all bound by the same rules.

    Yuri wants a real answer now. Why he is doing this.
    Because “love” manifested into this world.
    It’s something that must not exist in this world, because it’s a place where you graduate from.
    If it stays, it’d be an eternal paradise that nobody would want to leave. So normally, you’d disappear after finding love.
    But on rare occasions, someone who lived a life without regrets would wander into this world due amnesia.
    That’s when the bug occurs.
    The creator of Angel Player was like that.
    He created the program and patched the world so that people with love would become NPCs by the shadows.
    A reset.
    This happened with the programmer.
    He found love in this world and waited for his lover again who left this world alone.
    It’s not impossible for her to return. There’s a very small chance for them to meet again.
    It isn’t zero.
    But he waited too long and was driven mad.
    So he wrote the program to turn himself into a NPC.
    The guy says that now Yuri is here, she can do what she wants.
    She can essentially.. Become God.
    Yuri goes into a crazy laugh, but returns to her normal self after.
    There’s no way she could do that.
    She can’t do something like that to Kanade.
    Because the reason she came here for was..
    The guy says he is detecting love as all the hearts on the monitors turn red.
    Yuri came here because she wanted to protect everyone.
    She orders him to shut down all the machines.
    He tells her she has plenty of time to reconsider. There is no limit.
    Yuri tells him that humans don’t even have the patience to wait ten minutes for something.
    She pulls the trigger and starts shooting through the entire room, blasting every PC into pieces.
    And finally, at him.

    The room lies in destruction.
    Finally, it’s over.
    She has saved everyone. Now she can leave this world in peace.
    But she’s still a failure. She ended up loving them as much as her siblings.
    She wants to follow them.

    Before her, her siblings appear, telling them she shouldn’t suffer anymore.
    They thank her for all that she has done.Yuri bursts into tears as the ED rolls in.

    Afterwards, Yuri wakes up in a bed.
    Besides her are Otonashi, Kanade, Hinata and Naoi. Smiling at her.
    She didn’t disappear.

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