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  • Angel Beats! E11 Summary

    Angel Beats! E11 Summary

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    Posted on: June 24, 2010 by Kam

    Outside, Otonashi is drinking some Key coffee again at the vending machines as the school bell rings.
    It’s about time, so he should be going now.
    As he walks through the school, he wonders who to do next.
    Until he bumps into both Hinata and Naoi..

    The two are about to start arguing with each other till Otonashi asks if they have some business with him.
    Both ask in harmony where Otonashi was going.
    Hinata then picks a fight with Naoi again, but he pulls out his geass and is about to force Hinata to think he’s toilet paper.
    Otonashi stops him in time as Hinata passes out on the floor.
    Naoi offers his assistance to help Otonashi in erasing everyone.
    But Hinata comments it sounds evil when he says it.
    As Otonashi asks if Naoi shouldn’t be free from his regrets by now, Naoi’s shadow starts to change.. and attacks him!
    Both Hinata and Otonashi pull out their guns and start shooting at the shadow after they free Naoi from it.
    The shadow evaporates and Yusa, who is standing on the roof nearby, reports the incident to Yuri.

    Yuri assumes it’s a new skill of Kanade, but something is wrong about it.
    She orders everyone to stay in groups of at least two and to treat the Shadows as a separate enemy from Kanade.
    Then using the school announcements, she orders Kanade to come to the student council office.
    Otonashi and co. decide to go as well, or their cover might be blown.

    Yuri’s suspicious of why the two are there and so Naoi uses his authority as Vice-President to convince her.
    And gives the two a thumbs up from behind.
    Yuri asks what is with the Shadows, if Kanade programmed them.
    Kanade denies this.
    She then asks when was the last time she wrote a program; that which was 2 days ago.
    The timing fits, so it might be a bug.
    She asks permission to access Kanade’s PC and orders Takeyama to check things out.
    The program Kanade was writing were.. Wings.
    Just for decoration, she can’t fly with them.
    Before Kanade reveals that she did it for Otonashi, Naoi steps in again with his lies.
    Saying it’d give more impact as the president.
    Yuri surrenders to this explanation and Naoi gives another secret thumbs up.
    She mentions that Kanade’s surprisingly obedient.. Like she never changed
    Naoi steps in again, saying she stabs him whenever she’s in a bad mood.
    And gives another secret thumbs up.

    Afterwards, Takeyama reports that there’s only a decorative program and minor changes to her old skills.
    No way a bug could’ve happened.
    Hinata then hears gun shots and the group checks the balcony to see whats up.
    Down on the school ground, SSS members are fighting against a large group of Shadows.
    Otonashi orders Kanade to go.
    She spreads her new angel wings and jumps off the balcony, making a soft landing on the ground.
    After her, Yuri runs and jumps after her. The others follow shortly.

    They all engage into combat with the shadows.
    While TK is “Dancing in the shadow”, Noda, Shiina, Otonashi, Hinata and Naoi are trying their best to defeat the others. Yuri is jumping all over the place while Kanade is easily chopping through them with Hand Sonic v5.
    Yuri then notices that the NPCs on the grounds are changing into the Shadows!
    The battle is finished and everyone is worn out.
    Yuri ponders that if maybe, they have stayed too long in this world.
    The Shadows act like invincible monsters that appear to prevent infinite play time in a game.
    She mentions Kanade looks just like an ally.
    Shortly after, Fujimaki appears telling them something bad has happened.
    Takamatsu got done in.

    All that remains on the ground are his pair of glasses.
    Ooyama saw it all, how the shadow was eating him.
    His whole body was covered by the shadow when he ran into him.
    He tried to save him, but couldn’t do anything.
    In the end, the ground had absorbed Takamatsu.

    The next day, however, they see him sitting in class.
    He has no idea why everyone was worried about him.
    He just woke up in the dorms and went to school.
    It’s pretty clear what happened to him from his behavior.
    He has become a NPC.
    His soul was eaten by the shadow and he can’t disappear anymore.
    Doomed to take classes as a NPC forever.

    That night, Yuri calls all of the SSS to the gymnasium.
    She talks about the Shadows and what they do when they get you.
    And that they don’t have any countermeasures.
    She also mentions some individuals within the SSS have formed new ideals and are taking a new direction..
    She found out.

    Yuri calls Otonashi as that groups representative and wants him to tell about what he’s planning.
    He explains everything to the SSS.
    Some are shocked, some thinking it through.
    Others are against him, but Hinata and Naoi defend him with their words and how he helped them.
    Yuri says its up to each their own what to do.
    She herself will do whatever she wants.
    Time is running out. They have to think it through carefully.

    Yuri, Kanade, Otonashi, Hinata and Naoi are at the back of the school.
    She wants Kanade to intercept the shadows, because she’s more useful at fighting without thinking and pondering over a plan.
    Otonashi knows she is the only one who can really stand up to them, being an angel and all.
    Yuri then says she’s not an angel.
    Which.. Somehow shocks Otonashi.
    He hadn’t realized that Kanade was a human like them..
    Pretty dense there, Otonashi-san.
    Even Hinata is shocked (He thought it too!?)
    Naoi, as God, knew it all along.. he claims while shaking his legs.
    Kanade says so herself as well. She even told him on the day when they first met.
    He then wonders why she’s still here. Obviously she still has a reason.
    Otonashi then guesses he should help her clear her regrets too.

    Yuri wants to check something else by herself, now that she can.
    When she returns and everyone is gone, she’ll assume Otonashi finished making everyone leave.
    Hinata wants to help Yuri, bringing up how he promised to stay with her when they formed the SSS.
    In the distance, others are screaming for help. It’s Kanade’s cue to help them.
    Yuri waves them goodbye and leaves.

    During the night, the SSS members are deciding what they should do.
    Noda looking at Yuri’s picture, TK dancing, Fujimaki deep in thought and Ooyama coming to terms.
    GirlDeMo and Yusa are staring the guitars of Yui and Iwasawa while Shiina is watching her toy pups in the storage room. Takeyama makes his final blog post in this world.

    Yuri prepares her weapons in her office, going through what she knows.
    That it might be a software that changed the NPC’s into Shadows.
    She decides to check out the library, where a large amount of PCs are.
    She finds an old man replacing a computer, wondering if this is the culprit.
    He’s just a NPC who’s replacing PCs, because someone has been stealing them.
    On the floor, she notices a tile that looks a little out of place.
    She shoots it to pieces, to reveal a hatch.
    Opening the hatch and looking down with her flashlight, she’s surprised..

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