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  • Katanagatari: Hair Fetish Anime

    Katanagatari: Hair Fetish Anime

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    Posted on: May 7, 2010 by Kam

    Let’s go with something else before the next Angel Beats! episode comes out.
    Mainly, about this show with quite an unique drawing style (Though some compare it with Shinchan) called “Katanagatari”.
    I only watched the first two episodes so far, but it’s been quite enjoyable.
    Katanagatari is written by the same guy who wrote Bakemonogatari.
    So as you can expect, there’s Lots. Of. Talking.

    From talking about katana’s to character catchphrases and how our poor main guy doesn’t stand out so much.
    Won’t delve too much into the story now, so something brief.

    Shichika (The guy) has been living on this island with his sister for 20 years because at some point in time, after a rebellion, his father got exiled there.
    How the hell he popped out two kids.. I have no idea.
    Anyway, Pops was a master swordsman who doesn’t use a sword and passed this down to his kids. Then he died a year ago in the current story.

    Then this girl called Togame, who claims to be a strategist of the shogun, shows up and wants Shichika to join her to find 12 demon swords, which somehow bring peace to Japan.
    She picks him because LOVE err.. She picks him because people who don’t use swords and help our out of love, instead of a reward are more trustworthy.
    Because the ninja, mercenaries, swordsman etc. all ran off with the swords when they found them and got possessed by them or something. Strange stuff.

    Shichika is basically your MMO fighter (Brawn, not Brains!) and makes it a point to mention he’s not very smart (He can’t even see the difference between two totally different people.. So he relies on smell and.. See the top picture).
    While Togame the Strategist is.. Well, the Strategist. Even though she hasn’t shown much of her intellect yet.
    During the journey she just writes down everything that happens and wants Shichika to act more like a brute main character. Here comes in her demands to change his personality and add in a catchphrase.
    Her own being “Cheerio!” (She totally has the meaning wrong for your information.)

    Anyways, so far it’s an enjoyable show. They’re over 40 minutes per episode, so get some food and drinks before watching. Though the drawing style is different from the norm, I still have a liking for it.
    Here’s hoping it’ll stay that way.

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    1. Geradus says:

      Sounds so happy ^^

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