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  • Angel Beats! E02 Summary

    Angel Beats! E02 Summary

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    Posted on: April 10, 2010 by Kam

    Angel Beats! is taking over this site as you might have noticed..
    Episode 2 aired this week, giving us more humor and sad moments.
    It also included it’s OP and ED this time (Last ED seemed to be  a placeholder or something?)

    The episode starts with the OP it will be using from now on.
    It features Tenshi playing on the piano in various locations, while introducing the SSS members in the first half.
    The other half contains clips from the series and some OP exclusive ones.

    Episode 02: Guild
    The SSS is low on their supplies and need to restock on ammo and the like.
    This starts Mission #2, where they have to go into the underground base known as “Guild”.
    The secret entrance seems to be in the aula, where inside.. Noda pops out of nowhere, blocking their way.
    Of course, his only reason being there is to pick another fight with Otonashi.
    Sadly, he triggers the Mallet trap, again.

    However, this is out of the ordinary. Guild was supposed to disable the traps so the SSS could enter freely.
    This could mean only one thing: Tenshi is here.

    The SSS move son towards Guild and Tenshi. Many traps are triggered along the way..
    In order (As are the screenshots above),
    Noda slammed into a wall by a mallet;
    Takamatsu by the classic Indiana Jones giant ball;
    Matsushita by a Resident Evil-like Laser show in a small closed hallway;
    TK squished by a falling ceiling (Nobody cared about him ;_;);

    Ooyama falls into the depths as the floor collapses.
    This kinda meant that the rest were holding on to each other so not to fall with him.
    As Otonashi climbs up, he has an encounter with Yuri’s.. Feminien details and her smell.
    She acts a bit tsundere here, as proven by kicking Hinata down when he tried to do the same.

    4 Members left..  Fujimaki makes a comment that Otonashi will be next.
    Only to find himself drowning in the next trap, because he can’t swim.
    And Shiina, of all people, is caught by the last trap.. Imitating an abandoned puppy on the river, which wa sjust a doll.
    Her weak spot was cute things..

    Otonashi and Yuri continue, having a small break to dry their clothes.
    Yuri reveals her past to him, where she had a happy life.
    But one day, when her parents weren’t home, she and her sisters got robbed by burglars.
    They destroyed everything and forced Yuri to find valuable items, or else they’d kill one of her sisters every 10 minutes.
    She found a big vase, but fell off the stairs and broke it.
    After 30 minutes, the police arrived. All her sisters were dead and the burglars were gone.
    She was the only survivor.
    This gives Yuri strength to fight against God. Because it was so unfair that he did nothing when such a bad thing happened to her.

    The two finally arrive at Guild, which is a huge underground Steampunk city (Factory).
    The guy who I thought was a Janitor in the magazine scans from my last post, seems to be their engineer leader of som sorts.

    However, since Tenshi has found them, they cannot stay there.
    They decide to blow up the factory and move back to their “Old Guild”.

    Yuri and Otonashi await Tenshi and the battle starts.
    They manage to shoot Tenshi in the leg, but she immediately uses her powers to reflect.
    Yuri then engages her into a knife fight. Otonashi is surprised she can keep up with Tenshi’s moves.

    As Tenshi is about to deal a killing blow yo Yuri, Otonashi pushes Tenshi on the ground.
    Then the engineers pop up with this huge cannon they just build.. Which explodes.


    With Tenshi off-guard for now, the enigneers blow up the factory and move back to their old place.
    Yuri calls up the other “morons” to wake up and meet up with them there.

    The episode ends with Otonashi wondering why he saved her..

    The ED are basically stills which start off with Yuri and ends with the entire SSS together in a group shot.
    Oddly enough.. “Miss Pink” (Who looks kinda familiar to one of Yuri’s sisters in that flashback..) didn’t appear in the OP nor the ED..

    Next episode:

    It was a good episode in my opinion, mixing the humor, action and drama well together.
    It still pains me how everyone wants to kill Tenshi ;_;
    She’s a nice girl! Really! Just talk to her instead of shooting with rocket launchers!

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    One Response to “Angel Beats! E02 Summary”

    1. descent says:

      Haha I’m on the same boat, tenshi is obviously very dangerous and capable but its a little fishy how SSS has always shot first, it makes you wonder if there is a better way. Well maybe Otonashi will ask her out and this will turn into a highschool drama. Loving this show so far.

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