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  • Angel Beats! E01 Summary

    Angel Beats! E01 Summary

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    Posted on: April 3, 2010 by Kam

    Key’s latest anticipated anime, Angel Beats! has finally aired!
    The story is about a guy called Otonashi who found himself waking up with memory loss.. In the After Life.

    The first person Otonashi meets is the leader of the SSS, Yuri (Though better known as Yurippe by comrades).
    She explains to him that everyone here is already dead and that they can’t die. Also that they can’t decide on a name for heir group.
    And if they won’t fight back, “Tenshi” will erase them all.

    This basically means they’ll be reincarnated after being “erased” from the After Life.

    Otonashi ignores everything and walks up to Tenshi, whom Yuri is aiming at.
    He tells her somebody’s got a gun pointed at her and if she’s really an “Angel”.
    Tenshi responds that she is not an angel. She’s the Student Council President.
    Otonashi then wonders about if he’s really dead and can’t die anymore..
    Tenshi stabs him through the heart as a response.

    In the span of a few minutes, Otonashi has been killed.. 103x, if you include his original death.
    The others being 100x from a SSS member, 1x by a giant mallet, and of course Tenshi’s stab.

    After much talk, he’s welcomed into the SSS and participates in their next mission: Operation Tornado.
    Aka: let’s steal the other students food stamps.
    They’re also still talking about the name for their group.

    Armed with weaponry, the SSS is spread around campus to stop Tenshi from interfering, while the SSS’s band, GirlDeMo is having a concert to gather all the students in one room.
    Horrible luck strikes Otonashi, as Tenshi appears before him.
    Doubting whether he could shoot such a frail looking girl, he ends up shooting her anyway (Bastard).
    She retaliated with “Guard Skill: Hand Sonic”, whom he was stabbed to death by earlier of the episode.

    Reinforcements arrive to back him up and a fight off bullets and sparks takes place outside the school.
    Meanwhile, Yurippe gives the call to gather the food stamps with a dozen of huge electric fans.
    Calling the mission a success, the SSS retreats and leaves Tenshi behind (Who blocked everything. From bullets to a bazooka shell).

    The episode ends with Otonashi and the SSS eating lunch (Or dinner?) with their new food stamps, with him recalling about everything that happened that day..

    As I expected, Angel Beats! is my favorite anime of the season thus far. But my Key fanboyness might play a girl in that.
    I really like Tenshi, but I’m a sucker for characters like her (Nagato~). Her voice also sounded familiar.. *Googles*

    Kana Hanazawa. Better known for recent roles as DTB’s Suou, Kobato’s Kobato, DRRR!’s Anri and Bakemonogatari’s Nadeko!

    ..I can’t believe there’s a Dakimakura of Tenshi on the way to me.

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    1. Kam says:

      These spambots sure love foodstamps.

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