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Club to Death Gundam Caren
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Club to Death Gundam Caren
Posted on: March 23rd, 2010 by Kam

Another post today.. I’ll probably start doing this regularly.
My Archonia package arrived today, containing stuff from the Discount they had last month.
A Caren PVC, A Dokuro-chan Gashapon and a DVD of Gundam Char’s Counter Attack.
Keep reading to see the unpacking (Except for the DVD)..

KOTOBUKIYA’s Caren Ortensia, from Fate/Hollow Ataraxia.
Aka: The Dominatrix of the series. Probably worse than Caster, I don’t know.
They gotta hurry up with translating Hollow Ataraxia.. I only grasp her personality from gag doujinshi.

Her fancy hat is removable.
It stays on her head quite sturdy, surprisingly.

In my opinion, she looks better made than Ilya, from the same line.
As awesome as the Berserker Axesword is, Ilya just has a big head from certain angles.

Next up, our Club to Death Angel, Dokuro-chan!
And I’m very happy I got this version. My last attempt resulted in the Secret Bathtowel version.
It’s just a shame Excalibolg is stuck, else I’d give it to Yui or Reimu for some slapstick humor.

Both the Dokuro’s I got, chillin’ in my bookcase.

And Caren being reunited with Ilya.
For the interested, the others inside there are Black Rock Shooter, Nono, Sion and two XX Chromosome Angels.

Personal life situation:
Have to finish important paper work, but can’t due the excitement of HeartGold being released this week.
Days left to reliving my childhood: 3

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One Response to “Club to Death Gundam Caren”

  1. Kam says:

    Note to self: Stop taking pictures in the middle of the night. Makes everything look derpy D:

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