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  • Anime-Envoy v11!

    Anime-Envoy v11!

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    Posted on: March 20, 2010 by Kam

    After a week of fiddling and skullcracking, Anime-Envoy v11 is ready~!
    Well, the blog and general gist of it anyways. I’ll do something about the Summaries on a later date.
    So those will still be on the old layout.

    You should be able to comment now without an account (And I hope the antispam works!!) and even gravatars work.
    RSS is also there and some other silly things I stuffed in, like the “Watching” tab.
    My only peeve so far is that WP saved 7 (Make that over 20 now for some reason)  revisions of this article alone.. Annoying.

    Internet Explorer is also still being a bitch about the divs. I’m working on it.
    It’ll also center all posts for god knows what reason. Damned browser.

    Regular erm, blogging? will resume soon~

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    1. Kam says:

      Final test comment~

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