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Asuka, not Asuka
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Asuka, not Asuka
Posted on: December 19th, 2009 by Kam

Not talking about Captain Asuka from Evangelion for once, but a different one.
The MMS Busou Shinki Asuka this time!
Because she’s half-human, half- German Bomber Plane!
Which makes her cute and awesome.

Today is my birthday and even though she arrived earlier in the week, I decided to open her today (Minus 1-2 hours) as a present to myself.
Mainly because everybody else is broke and I got an I.O.U.
Thanks, Economic Crisis!

If you haven’t been keeping up at, I’ve been doing “First Figure Christmas” articles.

You can read them (so far 2) here:

First Figure Christmas [Day 1]
First Figure Christmas [Day 2]

Oh, the Kinzo DESIRE XMAS pic?
I’ll put that one up again on Christmas, I guess.

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