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Oh Desire!
Anime & Manga
Oh Desire!
Posted on: October 10th, 2009 by Kam

Ah, Umineko is now heading to it’s awesome parts.
Next episode the Ushiromiya Dreamteam vs. Stakes and the summoning of the Siesta Sister Corpse (You know, those bunnygirls on this site in the top right).
Can’t wait till the arc finale and the start of EP4!

Biribiri anime Railgun is also heavily focusing on Kuroko’s yuri aspect after I watched episode 2. But I don’t think they’ll disappoint me in the fights. At least they kept the Touma cameo’s.

Other anime this season I’m keeping a watch on are Kobato, one of CLAMP’s work and the Darker Than Black ~Ryuusei no Gemini~.
Might check out a few other recommendations I got.

I’ll also have to rework the Summaries a bit more.
Almost all of them I made years ago and are kinda.. Meh..
During the v10 upgrade I just bothered to spell check everything.

And to rounds things up, Zero arrived to bless us with his presence.

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