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  • Anime-Envoy Corner~! #7

    Anime-Envoy Corner~! #7

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    Posted on: September 27, 2009 by Kam

    Thought this lot could be used for an Anime-Envoy Corner~!
    Mainly because that EVA package arrived this week after exactly 100 days.. And another package followed the next day :3

    Let’s open this already and read the full story!

    Gin- and Rika-chama will kick off Issue #7 with a list of what will be shown:

    • Revoltech Neo Evangelion 01
    • Revoltech Neo Evangelion 02
    • Revoltech Neo Evangelion 05
    • Revoltech Mini Rei Ayanami
    • Figma Konata, Summer Uniform

    For figures you might’ve missed and that will not be shown ever (or maybe later), you can take a look at my Loot Articles on Figure.fm:

    Interesting ones might be

    On to the pictures then!

    First up the three EVA’s that I’ve been almost waiting half a year for (Slowest shipping ever for me).

    They’re a great bunch, really. I might’ve explained the new stuff from the Neo EVA 03 article but I’ll just do it again.
    The main new features of the Rebuild EVA’s are:

    • Slim design
    • New coloring/paint
    • If it has a mouth, it moves. No headswap!
    • Toe can bend
    • Double-joints in the knee’s.
    • Stand goes in the Umbilical Cable hole, unlike the bottom like with the 1997 versions
    • Shoulderguards(?) are not stuck on the arm anymore and use a new system
    • Hands are using a similar thing like the 1997 models, no joints.

    They’re very flexible and light, thus can be put into many new positions.
    There’s also an extra piece to extend the stand for airborn poses, pretty neat.

    Like the Revoltech mini Asuka, Rei has the same better flexibility compared to their Fraulein seniors. Some.. Sexy poses are possible, as you can see. Also nice painting for such small figs.

    And finally, the summer version of Figma Konata.
    Love the heads and bag that comes along with it. Doubt I’ll be using the Yutaka head (On Drossels body in the above pic) a lot, having no extra bodies or anything. Maybe for some random photoshoots?
    I also still got Taniguchi’s head in a figma bag somewhere around here.

    Now! Let me update my merchandise list..

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