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EVA Madness
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EVA Madness
Posted on: August 14th, 2009 by Kam

Evangelion 2.0 might turn into my favorite alongside End of Evangelion.. Strange..
Shikinami is good waifu. Though Soryu still runs ahead in badassness.

I’m an Asuka-fan? No kidding. She’s the one who got me into this whole Otaku culture in the first place, all those many years ago..
(Though Tekkaman Blade was my first conscious anime. Actual first anime unconsciously would be Alfred J. Kwak and Barbapapa. Seriously..)

The magazines including Mini Revoltech- and Bottlecap Asuka should arrive soon (Monthly EVA and Young Ace respectively).
Still waiting for my other 3 Rebuild EVA’s from HLJ and I have a pre-order set for the 7-11 NET EVA 00. Wonder if my Operation Yashima set works well with them, hmm..

I also decorated my wall with anime dvd postcards and K-On! CD covers. But I’ll leave that for a Room-post in the future.

Gonna crack open some creativity soon so I can get back to making more Anivoy and Requiem comics. Oh, and find a new place for internship.

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